The TonyG 0.25BTC Bounty Bike Ride

0.25 BTC Bike Ride Continues – Extended tournament schedule

The weekend is getting closer and closer and with it is also the 0.25 BTC TonyG Bike Ride, which offers a bounty on Tony worth 0.25 BTC to the lucky player that knocks him out. On top of that, the event also carries a 500,000 CHP guaranteed prize pool.

Alongside the Bike Ride event, we also have another BTC bounty at stake, this time in the NoMercy Shooting Star where the player who knocks out Isabelle “NoMercy” Mercier out of the event is awarded a 0.1 BTC bounty.

In case you missed it, here is a recap from last weekends event.

Action for everyone

On top of the two major bounty tournaments listed above, there is also plenty of other events available for players who are looking for an action-filled Sunday full of poker. Returning again this weekend you will see the following events.

The Bike Ride Series

Start time GMT Tournament nameGTD (CHP)Buy-inGame
04:00Bike Ride 0.25BTC1,000,00010,000NLHE
04:30Deep Space750,00025,000PLO
05:00Big Bang1,000,000 50,000NLHE

Shooting Star Series

Start time GMT Tournament nameGTD (CHP)Buy-inGame
17:30UFO Mini500,00050,000NLHE
18:00NoMercy 0.1 BTC250,0005,000NLHE
18:30Deep Space Mini300,00010,000PLO
19:00Big Bang Mini500,00025,000NLHE

New additions to the weekend schedule

As if these events weren’t enough already, we have decided to improve the offer even further by introducing 4 events, running twice on Saturdays, giving you two days of poker blizz. These events are:

Start time GMT Tournament nameGTD (CHP)Buy-inGame
03:30Solar Flare300,00030,000NLHE
05:00Comet KO150,00010,000NLHE
Start time GMTTournament nameGTD (CHP)Buy-inGame
17:30Solar Flare300,00030,000NLHE
19:00Comet KO150,00010,000NLHE

With this addition to the Saturday schedule, it now means it doesn’t matter in which time zone you live, you will still have plenty of options to play your favorite game at CoinPoker throughout the entire weekend but the one event you do not want to miss is the 0.25 BTC Bike Ride. Winning that bounty would make your weekend!


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