11 Million CHP Reserved Since CoinPoker's ICO Launch 10 Days Ago

11 Million CHP Reserved Since CoinPoker’s ICO Launch 10 Days Ago

We launched our Whitelist on the 5th of January, and it’s been going great! Define great? Sure — in our case, that means we’ve already reserved 110,000,000 CHPs for sale. Yes, that’s the majority of our Stage I CHPs! That means that on the 19th of January, we might be opening our ICO at Stage II already.

It‘s only been 10 days since you guys have started submissions to our Whitelist, but the results are overwhelmingly positive. Everyone on our team is beyond happy to see so much support to this project, and we can guarantee you that your trust is the best motivation we could have ever hoped for. We’ll keep working as hard as we can to make CoinPoker the best poker platform to our ability!

But let’s get back to our Whitelist. What’s the deal? Well, we’re allowing people to make reservations for buying CHPs at best price (4,200 CHP for 1 ETH) provided that they fill out this simple registration form and are willing to contribute anywhere from 1 to 1,000 ETH. Once that’s done, we contact everyone personally with further directions.

Because our ICO Stage I has 137,500,000 CHPs allocated for it in total, we’re looking at a very real possibility to kick off our ICO either at the end of Stage I, or at Stage II when we launch on the 19th of January! Our Stage II price is 3,500 CHP for 1 ETH — so if you want to get a good deal, your best bet is to get in on the Whitelist. There isn’t that much time left for that — we’re planning to close it on the 17th of January.

By now, we’re sure we’re on the right path with this project. Not only have we got an amazing community — but we’ve also received incredible interest from people who are willing to acquire our tokens. The only thing that we need to do know is continue working hard, so make sure you’re following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram and keep up with this incredible journey!

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