CoinPoker launches Community Contributions

Achievements In May, Plans For June, Unlimited Withdrawals!

New season, new mountains to climb for CoinPoker. We are ready and eager to begin. Here are our Achievements in May.

In May we collected 21,776,029.10 CHP in Community Contributions. As always, 10% of this amount was burned, which is exactly 2,177,602.91 CHP. The other 90% will go back to you.

The community will see the funds come back through promotions, player acquisition campaigns, tournament overlays and various other ways.

Transparency is the key. Take a look at the CHP burning process. 

Black Hole Address for CHP Burning

May Token Burning Transaction on Etherscan

Allocation of Community Contributions

We believe it is important to remind our community that the amounts displayed below represent only how we allocate Community Contributions.

The total amount used to improve the app, acquire, and retain players is higher and we spend more than what we collect.

Where?How much?
Promos and overlays8,413,961
Private deals/promos820,378

What has been done? 

In May we had a few significant events. The launch of Cosmic Spins was greeted with great enthusiasm by our players.

Even though we had several lucky players spin multipliers of 10-20, two games really stood out: 100x and 200x multipliers turned 250 buyin spin games into lucrative 25,000 and 50,000 CHP battles

We are happy with our current lineup of games which offers something for every taste while at the same time not scattering the player pool.

As the amount of active players grows, games like Push or Fold and Sit and Go will be re-introduced.

The Bad Beat Jackpot was another long anticipated and highly requested promotion. We are happy with the product and we are sure our community will appreciate it as well.

There have been quite a few other changes that are a bit less noticeable, but probably even more important.

All of them are related to small bug fixes both in MTT and Cosmic Spins lobby. The fixes made CoinPoker experience smoother, with less possibilities for game interruption and bugs.

The last tangible thing we’ve done this month was the updates to the withdrawal system.

First big step towards free deposits and unlimited withdrawals for all currencies have been made. The CoinPoker app is for poker.

Let’s leave buying CHP as an investment for exchanges.

What’s next?  

The list of things we want to introduce to you and update in the long run is extensive, so for June we’ve chosen a few, which we think are the most important and can potentially bring the most value to the platform.

This month we will release a new promo for our MTT players. Very entertaining and beneficial for our members.

We are also working on 2 new tournament types. We find that with more and more people boarding the CoinPoker ship, we want to have something for everyone.

Aside from new games and promotions, there are a few core issues that are in particular important for us right now.

We’ll be focusing on making first big steps towards improving the CHP volatility situation which brings worries about stability of the CHP price and liquidity matters that currently prevent nosebleed players from playing at CoinPoker.

Of course, since the opinion of the community means a lot to us, we will be running a poll to help us make a few very important decisions.

That’s why we’ll be asking you to be active and voice your opinion when the time comes.

You can rest assured that the CoinPoker team is listening to the complaints, suggestions and feedback of the community.

We are working on several huge changes to even further improve the all around experience of our players.

So stay tuned and stay active!

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