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April Achievements And News For May!

It’s that time of the month again!

To begin with, in April we’ve collected a total of 26,222,330.42 CHP in Community Contributions. We are excited about Community Contributions showing an upward trend and positive future perspectives. We don’t think it should be any different, as our team is working hard to offer you the best product possible.

You probably already know that each month we burn 10% of community contributions. This month the amount stands at 2,622,233.04 CHP, leaving the rest – 23,600,097.38 CHP to be returned back to the community in various shapes and forms which include but are not limited to promotions, tournament overlays, player acquisition campaigns and more.

Since transparency is one of our main values, you can take a look at the burning processes yourself:

Black Hole Address for CHP Burning

April Token Burning Transaction on Etherscan

Another layer of transparency

It’s time we show you how we allocate Community Contributions. This is how we’ve spent the CHP collected in April:

Where? How much?
Promos and overlays6,018,000 CHP
Referrals8,449,579 CHP
Private deals/promos1,257,300 CHP
Marketing7,829,418 CHP
Miscellaneous45,800 CHP

Please note, that the amounts above represent only how the community contributions were used to bring value to the players. The total amount used to improve the app, acquire and retain players is often higher.

Back to the improvements

Those of you who like MTT’s may have noticed that the game became smoother with less bugs than ever. And you are not mistaken. This is because the lobby was rewritten.

You could say we’ve destroyed the old one and built up something totally different, because that’s actually close to what we really did. 

To make sure there are no hiccups in the MTT lobby at all, we are releasing the final update this month. It will eliminate any leftover bugs and will elevate the gaming experience to another level. 

Other things we did – we listened to you and we acted! The MTT schedule was adjusted according to player activity and community feedback. We see more action now, which also brings more joy to you – our players. 

Where’s the new game? 

We don’t forget our promises. 

Yes, the new game was supposed to be released in April, however we had to choose between time and quality. And we will always choose the latter.

Having the flawless product is more important than releasing it early. That’s why we’ve scheduled the new game for May. 

Leaderboard updates

Galactic Grinders leaderboard is a product that we found our players enjoyed. We’ve decided to make it even better for you and therefore almost doubled the prizes. What’s the previous 1,600,000 CHP compared to the current 3,000,000 CHP, right?

We hear you!

You are our core and the most important thing in CoinPoker. That’s why we take your comments, observations and remarks very seriously. For this reason, we are working on releasing 2 new promos highly requested by the community. They will be fun and worth the wait!

Plans for May 

For this month we’ve scheduled 3 main events:

  • Finishing fixing the MTT lobby to make sure it works without any issues. We want perfection. We wish that you have the best experience possible. That’s why it’s the first thing on our list. 
  • Releasing the new game. The one that had to come out in April, but we thought it needed a few more last brushes to meet your and our expectations. 
  • Launching a new, exciting promotion. There is no time and place for boredom with CoinPoker!

Referral program 

Participate in our referral program and earn 50% of the rake collected by each of your referrals. The more referrals, the more CHP gets transferred to your CoinPoker wallet!

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