Big News: You Can Now Buy CHP on Crypto Exchange HitBTC

Big News: You Can Now Buy CHP on Crypto Exchange HitBTC

We’ve already had quite a few exciting announcements this month, and today, we’re expanding that list! Very shortly, we are going to be listed on an exchange receiving more than 30 million visitors per month — HitBTC.

We’re happy to add one of the biggest exchanges out there that will help you all to buy and/or sell CHP, exchange your winnings to ETH, and simply have more control of your tokens.

If you’re looking to buy CHP, here’s how you can do that:

1. Registerat HitBTC (here’s a quick guide on creating an account);

2. Deposit ETH to your HitBTC account (click here for a walkthrough);

3. Go to the Exchange section;

4. Select ETH on the right side and type CHP into the search window above;

5. Enter the number of CHP you want to buy and click the Exchange button;

6. That’s it! You can now withdraw your newly acquired CHP to your ERC20 compliant wallet, and then, you can deposit them straight to our app.

After you have deposited your CHP to your CoinPoker account, you will be able to start playing any of the games that we offer!

Of course, HitBTC isn’t the last exchange we’re going to appear in. We’re working on finalising more deals shortly, and we’ll make announcements as soon as we are able to. So stay tuned, and make sure you’re following us on Facebook and/or Twitter to be the first to know the news!

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