Withdraw Bitcoins from CoinPoker

Withdraw in Bitcoin

CoinPoker application allows Bitcoin withdrawals alongside USDT,  ETH and CHP!

Players who have completed a first deposit using USDT, ETH or CHP can also find a BTC option under the “Withdrawals” tab. Withdrawing is as simple as entering the BTC address you want to receive your funds on, the amount, and hitting send. 

But before diving in, there are a few important things to pay attention to before cashing out in Bitcoin. 

1. BTC Withdrawal Limits on CoinPoker

The minimum amount of BTC you can withdraw is set to 1,000 CHP. Other than that withdrawing BTC has no limits. 

CHP to BTC conversions include a transaction fee, which is included in the final BTC conversion.

2. New BTC Address Formats Not Supported

When entering your BTC address, whether personal or from your preferred exchange, you will need to do it in the old format starting with “1”. New BTC address formats are not supported, and you will be prompted to enter the correct format when trying to withdraw.

3. Withdrawing in BTC Takes Longer

While offering Bitcoin withdrawals gives players more freedom in terms of how they want to cash out, it also comes with the lengthiest payout time. Payment processing on the Ethereum network is much quicker, so if you’re looking for a fast cashout then USDT, ETH or CHP withdrawals are recommended.

Also, we are here to celebrate poker and we are throwing a party! Invite your friends and receive 30% of the fees that they pay. This is NOT a one time offer. As long as your friends keep on playing, your rewards will keep on piling up!

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