The TonyG 0.25BTC Bounty Bike Ride

BTC bounty returns to the TonyG Bike Ride!

The Bike Ride continues again this coming weekend but with some minor adjustments compared to last week’s event! Our community had so much fun riding with TonyG and Tony himself enjoyed it greatly, but to improve the experience further, we have made some minor tweaks to this week’s events.  

We will still run the event twice each Sunday but TonyG will only be participating in the first of the two events. In the second event, we will instead see Isabelle “NoMercy” Mercier step in as the one you need to knock her Shooting Star.

Bounties in BTC

The bounties TonyG and Isabelle will be in BTC as it was initially during the Xmas Bike Ride. If you knock TonyG off his bike you will earn a 0.25BTC bounty while knocking Isabelle out will give you 0.1BTC bounty.

There will also be some additional changes in the buy-in structure, as well as the guaranteed prize pools in the side events held in conjunction with Merciers Shooting Star event.

Buy-in to enter the TonyG Bike Ride remains the same at 10,000 CHP. It might perhaps sound like a lot for some, but there are plenty of satellites available starting from as low as 100 CHP.

As for the other 3 events we ran alongside the Bike Ride, they will also see some adjustments. The biggest change is the Black Hole KO event which will be switched from NLHE to PLO and renamed to Deep Space 750k PLO.

The Full Sunday Schedule

Bike Ride Series

  • UFO 1Million GTD – 03:30h GMT – Buy-in 100,000 CHP
  • TonyG Bike Ride 500k GTD + 0.25BTC KO bounty – 04:00h GMT – Buy-in 10,000 CHP
  • Deep Space 750k GTD – 04:30h GMT – Buy-in 25,000 CHP
  • Big Bang 1Million GTD – 05:00h GMT – Buy-in 50,000 CHP

Shooting Star Series

  • UFO Mini 500k GTD – 17:30h GMT – Buy-in 50,000 CHP
  • NoMercy Shooting Star 250k GTD + 0.1BTC KO bounty – 18:00h GMT – Buy-in 5,000 CHP
  • Deep Space Mini 300k GTD PLO – 18:30h GMT – Buy-in 10,000 CHP
  • Big Bang Mini 500k GTD – 19:00h GMT – Buy-in 25,000 CHP

NOTE: To qualify for the bounty, you must eliminate the player named TonyG from the TonyG Bike Ride tournament, after the re-buy period has ended. To qualify for the bounty on NoMercy you must eliminate the player NoMercy from the NoMercy Shooting Star tournament after the re-buy period has ended. All bounties will be paid to the winners within a 72-hour time frame.

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