Smart Contracts Deployed and More ICO Info from CoinPoker's CTO

Smart Contracts Deployed and More ICO Info from CoinPoker’s CTO

Our ICO is less than two days away, and today, we took a big step towards it. Our Smart Contracts were finalised, and they are already in blockchain! From this step forward, everything is set in stone: the prices, the stages, the CHP distribution, and the transparency of our project.

Of course, we had an audit by Blockvis, a highly respected company that performed many SC audits for other ICOs. We were very happy to get highly positive results such as “The code is covered by good quality tests, that should be considered as best practices for all projects of this kind.”, which is a direct quote from our audit.

Over the course of the next two days, we are going to share more relevant information about our ICO. We will introduce you to simple guides helping you add your CHPs to your wallet, as well as a walkthrough for depositing them into your CoinPoker account so that you can start playing as soon as possible.

If you are interested in learning more about our Smart Contract, you can see it for yourself here on Github.

CoinPoker ICO Tip: Make Sure You Double Check and Verify

Our Medium is one of the trusted sources you can use to double check your information and as we’re saying on our social media channels, please always verify you’ve got the right information and always double check your source.

On Friday, two hours before our ICO start, we will release a video where our Head of Security Michael Josem will verify the 8 last digits of the Smart Contracts address.

Reminder from CoinPoker CTO Make Sure You Use an ERC-20 Wallet

Another very important thing is that in order for us to send you your CHP tokens, you must use an ERC-20 compliant wallet. If you do that via any exchange, we will not be able to guarantee you your token delivery. You can find the wallets we recommend in our FAQ here, but as previously said, any ERC-20 compliant wallet will work.

In order for the transfer to go through successfully and in an optimal amount of time, we recommend using the gas limit of at least 200,000. As for your trusted sources of information, please use the following: our website, our Facebook, our Twitter, our Telegram, and lastly, our Medium.

Please make sure you stay secure during the ICO, and best of luck!

CoinPoker Chief Technical Officer

Justas Kregždė

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