Congrats to the CoinPoker Hand Off Winners of a Cut of 8,500 CHP

Announcing the CoinPoker Hand Off Winners!

After launching our Hand Off Competition a couple of weeks ago, our team had a great time selecting the top 10 hands from the hundreds that flooded our inbox. After letting the community deliberate which of the final hands were truly out of this world, we’re excited to announce the 3 Hand Off winners!

Just to recap, the participants competed for the first prize of 5,000 CHP, followed by a second and third prize of 2,500 CHP and 1,000 CHP respectively. After tallying the Facebook votes, the winners of this first edition of the CoinPoker Hand Off are as follows:

3rd Place: IamRich’s 4 of a Kind 9s

This crazy hand earned IamRich 1,000 CHP as 3rd place winner with 123 votes.

CoinPoker Hand Off Online Poker 4 of a Kind 9s

2nd Place: IamRich’ 4 of a Kind Qs

The third place just wasn’t enough! Two of IamRich’s hand submissions managed to make it into the top 10, and after getting the community vote as well, he also collects a second prize of 2,500 CHP with 136 votes.

Online Poker CoinPoker Hand Off Contest 2nd Place

Grand Prize Winner: jhonorrego’s Full House

jhonorrego’s 295 votes landed him the grand prize of 5,000 CHP, and you can check out the complete hand action below. We wish him more epic wins in future and hope to see more great submissions like this one in our next Hand Off.

Thank you all for submitting, voting, and participating in the conversation surrounding this promotion. We are grateful for all the feedback, and look forward to seeing even more epic hands in our next CoinPoker Hand Off!


5 thoughts on “Announcing the CoinPoker Hand Off Winners!

    1. Hi Jackdixon9,

      Don’t worry, we will be hosting another Hand Off competition soon where you can submit your royal flush 😉

  1. The guy cheated, the message is buy your votes and you’ll win. Goes from 0 votes to 250 in like 10 minutes. Guess nobody running this place cared to check it out or verify legitimate votes. Also it’s pretty sad a full house won this when you had royal flushes in the mix.

  2. Nice to know you let someone cheat to win. The guy bought his votes and went from 0 to 250 in like an hour. Pretty lame that a full house would this contest anyway.

    1. Hi JJ,

      Thanks for your feedback. Please note that it is impossible to “boost” or promote posts as a non-admin user. That being said, the votes were fairly acquired and the speed can be explained by a supportive community or channel that the user may be running. Either way, we are confident that there was no foul play involved.

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