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CoinPoker Introduces In-app USDT To CHP Exchange!

The most popular exchange to buy CHP has always been KuCoin. However, on Sept. 26 KuCoin suffered a major hack.

As a result, the exchange has frozen any withdrawal operations, meaning CoinPoker players could no longer purchase or withdraw CHP from it. This left us with a few options which were not user friendly or had high fees. 

Reacting to these events and player feedback CoinPoker has made a decision to allow weekly in-app USDT -> CHP conversions of up to 50,000 CHP per player.

Now it’s easier than ever to purchase CHP and use it to receive rakeback, place sports bets or get a discount on the withdrawal fees.

Please note that this feature is only a temporary measure until KuCoin unlocks withdrawal operations again. 

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