CoinPoker introduces USDT with 100,000 prize pool

CoinPoker Is Shifting To USDT

CoinPoker is about to become the first ever poker application to use stablecoin as the main ingame currency by introducing USDT to the tables.

With advisors, poker elite and community backing us up, the decision was made to make the greatest shift in the history of CoinPoker which sets the path for further growth and outstanding success for the room.

USDT being the best known stablecoin and one of the top three cryptocurrencies in the crypto market was the obvious and the first choice for the CoinPoker ingame currency to go alongside CHP, which remains an important part of the room and will serve as an exclusive bonus coin.

Our criteria for the stablecoin

  1. Stability. No more surprises. You’ll always know your bankroll in terms of fiat value.
  2. Transaction speed. Quick and easy, that’s what we need.
  3. Reliability. A coin that is time and crypto economy tested.

Tether provides liquidity and a hedge against market volatility. The tokens are pegged to a fiat money making this stablecoin less risky than typical cryptocurrencies. Also, having USDT as the ingame currency will finally allow us to improve on several big topics that were holding us back before. Some of them we already mentioned in the poll article.

The future

Bright. The future is bright.

CHP is the currency of the CoinPoker economy, and it will stay this way, except stronger than before. We’ll be utilizing CHP actively in ways that it has never been utilized before. Using CHP token will mean getting multiple exclusive perks and benefits listed below, but not limited to:

  • Rakeback
  • Withdrawal fees discount

And this is just the beginning. We are getting ready (and you should, too) for 50% more Leaderboard points for those who utilize CHP along with other special games, dedicated promotions, giveaways and more! 

Painting the picture


Only players who use CHP to pay Community Contributions, will receive a 20% rakeback, which can easily turn a losing player to a breakeven one or a breakeven player to a winner. Besides, with 20% rakeback and low Community Contributions combined, even players having less luck can see profits.

Here’s the technical side of it.

You will have two wallets in your CoinPoker app. CHP and USDT. Balances of both will be visible in your lobby.

If you have balance in your CHP wallet, it will be used for Community Contributions automatically. If you don’t have any CHP, then you better get some, or you’ll be missing out!

Example: You’re at the cash table and are paying Community Contributions in USDT (but you have CHP in your balance, too). Once you leave the table the total USDT amount you paid as Contributions will be converted to CHP and be deducted from your CHP balance, while the amount in USDT will automatically bounce back to your USDT wallet.

Each Monday we’ll calculate individual Community Contributions paid in CHP and players will receive 20% back in a form of rakeback, paid also in CHP. 

Withdrawal fees discount

Paying conversion fees in CHP, will always guarantee you lower costs.

You will be able to choose if you want to use your CHP to get a discount on the conversion fees and compare what you save. All under the ‘Withdrawal’ tab.

Deposits, withdrawals and a CHP converter

We have developed a very convenient update for your CoinPoker wallet. A CHP converter. Meaning, you’ll be able to convert your CHP to USDT at any given time. No more withdrawals just to exchange your funds.

Few more details:

●      Free USDT to USDT, CHP to CHP deposits and withdrawals!

●      CHP deposits go straight to your CHP wallet. USDT to USDT wallet.

●      BTC/ETH deposits automatically convert to USDT currency, therefore players who want to purchase CHP will only be able to do so on exchanges thus driving up the CHP value.

●      A flexible 1 Mill CHP weekly limit for withdrawals, P2P transfers and in-app CHP to USDT exchange. 

Limitless withdrawal options:


Note: If you don’t claim your referral bonus by the time USDT is implemented as the main CoinPoker ingame currency, you’ll receive all of the unclaimed amount in CHP automatically.

Expected USDT as the main in-game currency release date is 1st, October.

The future is limitless

Now CoinPoker will be the biggest poker room using a stablecoin as the main ingame currency while at the same time offering all benefits of the crypto world. With us you’ll get the privileges of instant deposits and withdrawals and no KYC checks.

We are the room with one of the lowest rake systems in the industry and huge promotions giving away thousands in fiat value each week.

Also, we believe that the combination of the stablecoin USDT as an ingame currency and CHP as bonusing fuel is set for success and will serve for both newcomers and loyal community members. 

P.S. Don’t forget you can also benefit from our referral program! Invite your friends to join CoinPoker, have fun together and stock up your wallet with a bonus

Participate in our referral program and earn 30% of the rake collected by each of your referrals. The more referrals, the more CHP gets transferred to your CoinPoker wallet!

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