Got CoinPoker Questions?

Got CoinPoker Questions?

Our community is as curious as it is enthusiastic, which is why we will be conducting a Q&A session with CoinPoker’s Head of Poker Operations, Paulius Mikaliunas. But first, we need your help.

Comment with your questions about games, operations, security, future plans, or anything CoinPoker-related below. Our team will review the top queries, and in addition to responding as best as we can in the meantime, we’ll be publishing an in-depth piece with the answers you’ve been looking for next week.

So, what are you waiting for? Leave a reply and we’ll be in touch. online poker using cryptocurrency CoinPoker

48 thoughts on “Got CoinPoker Questions?

  1. hello
    you are behind schedule on the roadpump, what is the reason for this? urgently need players you are too slow to develop your social network is sad at all……
    many promises little work ;(

    1. Hi RomeoPro,

      Thanks for the feedback! For this Q&A session to be valuable to you and other players, we kindly ask you to be more specific. If you can share what aspects you are dissatisfied with, as well as which roadmap items in particular you think are taking too long then we can strive to give you the answer you’re looking for 🙂

    1. Hi Jack,

      Unfortunately, the iOS app is ready but pending approval from the App Store, and has been for several weeks 🙁 We are eager to release it, and as soon as it’s approved we will make sure to let everyone know!

  2. I was told months ago that the Apple Mobile App would be released soon. This was so long ago, that I’ve lost interest in playing on this site. I really enjoy the poker site, but discouraged by the lack of getting a Apple mobile app released. I want to play on my phone not on the computer, it’s just more convenient. Once this happens I will come back!

    1. Hi Rory,

      We’re very sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, our hands are tied as far as the iOS app goes. It was submitted weeks ago and as soon as the App Store approves it we will be launching it for our community. We will definitely notify you as soon as it’s ready, and look forward to having you back with us!

  3. Will you bring back freerols with a more play friendly structure?

    When wil there be sng s on coinpoker?

    How would the deposits and withdraws look like in the future for a player on coinpoker?

  4. 1.Верните бесплатные турниры для привлечения новых игроков!!!
    2. Максимально необходимо упростить ввод финансов( клиент должен принять решение и оплатить 2-10минут – больше он отложет и передумает. Оплату ввода пока временно нужно добавить с карт visa / mastercard или webmoney.
    3. За количество расдач на кеш столах введите билеты на турниры.
    4.Сателиты без ребаев, но многоступенчатые ! На WSOP и другие турниры!!!

    1. Hi misterx,

      Thank you for the questions! But in future it would be appreciated if you could write them in English, so others can also have a look at your questions.

      For the convenience of the community, I have Google Translated your comment below 🙂

      1. Return free tournaments to attract new players !!!
      2. The maximum need to simplify the input of finance (the client must make a decision and pay 2-10 minutes – more he will postpone and change his mind.) For the time being, you just need to add the entry fee from the visa / mastercard or webmoney cards.
      3. For the number of assignments on the cash tables, enter the tickets for the tournaments.
      4. Satellites without rebuys, but multistage! At the WSOP and other tournaments!

    1. Hi David,

      Thanks for the feedback, this Q&A session is more about platform developments than bugs. If you can report the glitch to our support team via [email protected] or Telegram then I’m sure you will get a quick response!

  5. Custom bet buttons, manually settable. for example : 2.3bb or 3bb preflop or 3.3x 3b and 4x 3b, and 1/3 pot and 55% postflop.

    Better bet buttons and slider for mobile. Fix mobile to directly pull up numpad rather than keyboard when inputting custom bet.

    Custom bet buttons would improve both desktop and mobile function. I have found on mobile that speed is an issue (pulling up custom bet input, switching to numpad, entering bet, accepting bet) as it can often time out.

    Notes for mobile.

    Sit and go!!

    1. Are the custom bet buttons really that hard to add to the platform? One would think that we shouldn’t even have to ask for such a basic feature, but I’ve seen it suggested multiple times in the past on facebook and still nothing!

      1. Hi John,

        To address Jerod and your question about custom bet buttons, they haven’t been added for the sake of keeping things simple. Our team wants it to be as easy to use for recreational players as possible, which is why this feature has been omitted so far. The current default buttons do offer the option for quick bets to be made and serve their purpose. At the moment we do not plan on adding anything else, but that may change in the future!

      2. Hi Sarah,

        Thanks for the response.

        Please note that nobody is asking you to enforce anything. We’re asking for the option to change the buttons ourselves!

        You currently allow players to customize several features (table skin, deck, …) and even have a “Advanced Options” tab. Is that complicating things for recreational players? No! Those who want to look into that, and change things up do just that, those who don’t stick to the default settings.

        It would be the same thing with the buttons!

        I’m growing more and more tired of typing in everything manually every single time!!! To hear you say you’re not planning on doing anything about it is very disappointing and will eventually drive me away.

      3. Hi John,

        Thanks for the reply, and we do understand the benefits of your request for regular players. It is something we will make sure to address in detail in the answers shared this Friday, and again we appreciate the input and feedback!

  6. Hi Alexandr,

    Thank you for the great feedback! In future please write comments in English, just so that our other readers can understand your comments 🙂

  7. Great idea here so people can participate without the use of other 3rd party apps!

    Do you plan to have both an affiliate program for businesses who support you as well as a refer-a-friend program for the players or are you just focusing on one first? I am interested in both.


    1. Hi Darrel,

      Thanks for taking the time to ask, and yes we definitely have an affiliate program as well as a referral program planned for the future. We will address this topic in the Q&A session next week with more details!

    1. Hi Eva,

      Thanks for your feedback! We have plans for new games soon, and we will address the topic in our Q&A session:)

    1. Hi Stefan,

      Thank you for your question, this is something we will make sure to discuss and it has been added to the list of topics for our Head of Poker Operations to address!

  8. Hello,

    First of all i most say i enjoy play on the site, think about introduce some spin n go / expresso type game ? That will be a great add and will definitely follow the actual trend, plus you can find some applications with your future rng concerning the shuffle of the prizes.

    Like one more guy say up, i will be nice to see some HU cash / sng action.


    1. Hi Erwan,

      Thank you very much for your feedback. This is something quite a few players have been asking about, both here in the comments as well as before this post went up. We will definitely discuss this next week, and appreciate your interest 🙂

  9. 1. Please add SNG’s (low entry and high entry).

    I, and I guess many others are already waiting for months to play on your site, but I personally don’t fancy Cash games, so there’s not much to play atm.

    2. Would it be possible to add the 3rd carddeck in > Visual Settings>Cards also in 4 colours? that would be nice 🙂

    Otherwise, great job on your smooth client!!

    1. Hi Justin,

      Thanks for taking the time to write these suggestions, and we’re happy to hear the positive feedback! We will discuss potential new games next week during the Q&A sesh.

  10. Can you share for each project you are currently working on, which phase you are in (start, development, testing, debugging, releasing) and the expected weeks/months of work left.

    I am referring to these projects in particular:
    – RNG
    – Affiliate program & implementation of rake
    – New game
    – Sit and Go’s
    – adding other types of poker

    Also can your share your vision & thoughts of the CHP price which is now less than 10% of the ICO price. What actions are taken to improve it again and how are your biggest investors/shareholder’s reacting?


    1. Thanks, Steve! We will address these topics in the Q&A session, and thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.

  11. Would you care to address what’s happening with the CHP price? A few months ago you posted multiple times about how the price was going up and showing no signs of stoping, even forecasting $2.30 in a year. Since that time, CHP has plummeted to a ridiculous 2cents! I know its value is, to a certain extent, tied to ETH (even though you never admitted that in your posts, instead gloating about how new partnerships & promotions were driving up the value), but that doesn’t explain the whole story, because over the last 3 months ETH is down 44% while CHP is down 86%! Can you please talk about that? Thanks.

    1. Hi Jay,

      Thank you for the feedback. I believe you’re referring to the article where we cited some predictions made on third-party evaluation sites, and it is important to reiterate that these estimates are not our own, and are not always accurate. Our team is working tirelessly to promote partnerships and events that add value to our platform and in turn have a positive impact on CHP price in the long term as we continue to attract new users. The ETH price drop has had an impact on CHP value for sure and is something that is unfortunately outside the realm of our team’s control. We are working on multiple developments to boost player experience, which is what we will be talking about in this Q&A session at the end of week. We appreciate the feedback and will be bringing this topic up for sure!

  12. I have a fully verified Coinpoker account since December ’17.
    Why is it such a convoluted process to just withdraw some winnings to my personal wallet. Why should we be forced to do business with half-arsed crypto exchanges. Personally, I will wait until a simple deposit and withdraw system linked directly to Coinpoker is implimented. (Come on boys .. get working on it) I guess CHP will need to become mainstream before anything useful will happen with it… thanks ..

    1. Hi Eddie,

      Thank you for your feedback, and we’re sorry to hear that the withdrawal process isn’t up to the standard you’re hoping for. We have been working on making deposits easier with the ETH to CHP feature (eliminating the need to purchase CHP on an exchange), but this feedback is something important to consider for future improvements to outgoing payments. It is something we will address in the Q&A session as well, and again we appreciate the input!

  13. Hello !!!! There are not enough games! Add please Omaha Hi-Lo, and draw 5 cards with an exchange. And return the rake – the race (you will have a huge number of players)

  14. 1. Please don’t make dummies your target customer. Continue to improve the software. In general it works fine, but don’t get complacent, it is still very basic! As others have already suggested, custom bet buttons would be a welcomed addition.

    2. You need to add a couple of minutes to all levels of your free rolls. The game is just stupid fast! I know it’s set up this way so that people bust as fast as possible and re-buy, but c’mon, that’s not poker! We might as well go play the slots…

    3. In order to attract more people you need more games. A few cash tables and tournaments won’t cut it. You need more diversity! Stuff like bounty tournaments, for instance.

    4. For how long will we still have to keep asking for SNG’s? Seriously, they should have been there from day one!

    5. You realize adding a few more exchanges would certainly not hurt, right? Why aren’t you doing that? Aren’t there any credible exchanges out there willing to list CHP?

  15. I have noticed with your ETH to CHP feature that you sell less CHP to the players than they can buy directly from exchanges or even in private trades from other players. Why not make that ETH to CHP ratio a lot closer to the real and current prices rather than 10-20% less?

    For example, right now, 1 ETH gets you over 18k CHP on your platform – In reality, 1 ETH is worth over 20k CHP right now at .017 per 1 CHP and ETH at $368…I understand this is a business but you are also seeking new players. I suggest making this an even trade so people buy the CHP from you rather than on the exchanges.

      1. I guess you only selectively answer the questions that you want to. You address everybody’s optimism but when faced with a challenge things get swept under the rug?

      2. Hi Darrel,

        Apologies for the delayed response. Please note that the ETH to CHP feature does indeed come with a lower return for users, which you can take as a transaction fee of sorts. While we appreciate your feedback on this being a deterrent for new users, it is still completely optional and players can still choose to purchase CHP on their own should they need to.

      3. The width the these replies are displayed in gets smaller the more we reply. Anyway, thanks for responding. May I suggest that you add the terms of your ETH to CHP feature on that page so that users can clearly see what it will cost. I think it is only fair to let your customers know that a transaction fee does occur in that deal. It really is a convenience fee in my eyes rather than a transaction fee. I was disappointed to find out that was the case after having used the feature several times in the past for smaller amounts than when I tried one whole ETH and noticed the significant difference. I am sure that I’m not the only one.

      4. Hi Darrel,

        Thanks for pointing that out, I’ll get the help of our devs to have a look at the comment issue. About ETH to CHP this is a very fair point, sorry about the confusion and your own experience. We hoped that showing the CHPs received was a sufficient way of showing the exchange rate, but mentioning that the return is lower is something that could help prevent users from sharing a similar experience. As always, we appreciate the feedback!

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