Announcing CoinPoker's Partnership with the Asian Poker Tour

Announcing CoinPoker’s Partnership with the Asian Poker Tour

CoinPoker proudly announces that its partnership with 2018’s Asian Poker Tour is a done deal. This year we will not only be listed as official sponsors, but we will be hosting plenty of exciting promotions throughout the entire tour.

With the sponsorship, CoinPoker will offer players around the world online satellite packages to APT Main and Super High Roller events. As well as other tournaments, giving players the opportunity to win APT tournament credits that can be used at any APT event.” 

APT General Manager, Lloyd Fontillas

CoinPoker Sponsors APT
CoinPoker Head of Poker Operations Paulius Mikaliunas and APT General Manager Lloyd Fontillas shaking hands in Manila earlier this month.

It’s finally official: CoinPoker is bringing CHP to Asia’s premier poker tour, and bringing the APT to our players.

Not only will this jump start a series of exciting new poker partnerships in Asia, but it marks a progressive step towards the adoption of cryptocurrency in the poker industry as whole.

This year the APT will offer its players the option to buy into tournament event using CHP via our platform. We will also host our own APT events, starting with the CoinPoker Super High Rollers, taking place on April 25th.

Along with all APT live streams, we’ll be hosting plenty of tournaments where players can collect APT credits, claim bigger and better prize pools, and even win a chance to participate in APT events — on us!

CoinPoker Satellites for the APT Main Event in Macau

That’s right: we’re also bringing the APT to CoinPoker.

Play at the APT Main Events via CoinPoker satellites
APT Finale Macau Championships 2017 Main Event Trophy. Source: APT Official Starting on April 13th, CoinPoker will host two daily satellites.

The winners will be able to compete for a total of 10 seats and packages to APT Main Event in Macau. Prizes will be distributed across three main qualifiers hosted on the 15th, 19th, and22nd of this month.

We’ll be sharing more info on how you can participate as the date for the main event closes in (Save the Date: April 28th). So, be sure to keep an eye out for more details coming soon.

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