Over 1,000,000 CHP Will Be Returned to Victims of Busted Collusion Ring

Over 1,000,000 CHP Will Be Returned to Victims of Busted Collusion Ring

There is a zero tolerance for collusion on CoinPoker. Our team works around the clock to protect players from unfair play, and with the help of community reports, our Game Security team launched an investigation on a group of players suspected of foul play. A total of 10 players were found guilty as a result, and are now permanently banned from CoinPoker.

In addition to locking their accounts, the funds of the guilty players have been confiscated. A total of 840,050 CHP was collected from 10 colluding accounts. Based on the gameplay history our team was able to track the victims of the ring and will be returning the due amount of tokens to each affected player.

Fair play is one of the biggest challenges of the poker industry, especially for online platforms like CoinPoker. With the help of continuous feedback from our community, we hope to continue to address and combat collusion rings and keep CoinPoker’s tables as fair and clean as possible.

If you spot suspicious behavior while playing on CoinPoker please do not hesitate to report it to [email protected]. Good luck at the tables and keep your eyes on our blog for more news and app updates coming soon.

41 thoughts on “Over 1,000,000 CHP Will Be Returned to Victims of Busted Collusion Ring

  1. I think it would be very positive for all the community if CoinPoker tells us about how to detect a suspicious behavior, cause not every player knows how to realize that it could be happening when he is playing.

  2. I know this all the time what is happening on coinpoker, and i writing you all the time… then you blocked my account and telegram chat, because i was mad and because i writed some bad things… please explain me all on my mail. Ty

    1. Hi happypike,

      There is a fine line between abuse and sharing negative feedback. We are always happy to hear player opinions, but abuse is not tolerated. If you sent an email with an explanation as to why you feel your ban should be lifted, I am sure our team will give you an appropriate response 🙂

  3. Ty for the hard work you do tracking players down that do this. I had a feeling this was happening. I have invested a bit of money in this site. Was nearly ready to quit it because things didn’t add up. You are doing a great job and site is getting better and better Ty.

  4. Thank you!!!! I know exactly who it is and was so so pissed all weekend and past few days. Love the site but new they were cheats! I even promote this site and bring on board lots of players.

  5. I never got any chps back and I know I was jipped from at least 3 of those players but I’m just glad you caught them!
    Love the concept and love the site but hate cheaters!!

  6. Great Job… When you take action like this…the results can be substantial to complete legalization of on line gambling to the entire world. While jurisdictions like mine, continue to subdue legal gaming on line and force players to take their on line gaming to other platforms 200-300 miles from their home and remove those dollars from their community, perhaps events such as yours can convince State agencies and lawmakers (again like mine) to permit gaming in ones own home.

  7. Did they made any transactions like cashauts or others that would indicat thay might been cheating for more than the mantioned 800k plus amount? Thank you for the refound. Good job coinpoker security team. Looking forward to playnsome more fair games the next 20 years on this site.

    1. Hi Marko,

      We cannot disclose any details on the investigation and sums, although the amount we returned to players exceeds the funds confiscated (hope this answers your question) 🙂

  8. Ok. Got 15K can see from the history.. But avarage buyin amount the last 30 days or so was much more than that.. Hope the refounds are spread fairly..

  9. Lost over $150 on Major Tourney Buy-ins last week…I would appreciate a refund as I am certain I was a Victim, filed a complaint and everything, and was told it is impossible to game system….

    1. Hi Tim,

      This was a case of collusion. It is still impossible to “game the system” as this had nothing to do with any software breach.

  10. Not sure how I did not get any CHP but if they played ANY cash games im 100% I played them…I am glad they are going this. To be honest everyone knows your MTT leader is not legit either. They need to look in JURS


  11. Did you publish the user names of the players for the community to avoid in the future whether it’s on your site or others?

    Also, how do we know if we were one of the players effected? Thanks.

    1. Hi Evan,

      No, we will not be publishing the names of the players. It would not help you catch them on other sites since we can online disclose their CoinPoker usernames. As for your second question, if you were affected we would have sent you an email informing you of the situation as well as compensation based on how affected your account was 🙂

    1. After careful consideration our team has decided not to disclose the names of the players, the key thing we wanted to communicate is that they have been caught and the victims compensated for their troubles.

    1. It was something considered carefully by our team, and the decision was made not to disclose the usernames. The most important thing is that the players are no longer a threat, and we will continue our efforts to prevent and catch these forms of collusion in the future.

  12. got 33k, didnt play last 3 weeks so it has to be something older. i played almost exclusively cash game, mostly plo 10k. Also played few biggest tourneys last month, 25k and 50k buyins.
    Well done for catching cheaters!

  13. Hello,

    It appears that you have not quite understood the news. The cheaters were caught for collusion, which is playing together at tables in a way that ensures the success of the ring of players involved and reduces the probability of other players winning. Knowing any “algorithms” (I think you are referring to random number generation software?) is not possible and not relevant to the problem. We hope to publish some tips on how to spot collusion to help educate players like yourself on how cheating works in online poker in the near future!

  14. The cheaters were caught for collusion, which is playing together at tables in a way that ensures the success of the ring of players involved and reduces the probability of other players winning. Can you tell us their usernames? This fraud – a criminal offense!!! Or you are accomplices!!!

  15. I played under the name of misterx, in 2018-2019 made a deposit on CoinPoker for the sum more than 500000 CHP. Played a cache, generally on пло on different limits. Also participated in the largest tournaments from bay-ina in 25 thousand and 50 thousand and got to prizes! For a short time on my account there were more than 1000000 CHP. In an honest duel I never worried about proygrysh as I know – the distance will return everything on condition of the legal framework without swindlers!!! Kept records and marked and – all players with whom played later to recoup. If CoinPoker does not report names of swindlers, then it will be partnership in a criminal offense, Otherwise I demand 1000000 CHP to return into my account or to allow to recoup honestly in PLO with bainy 1500000 CHP with the representative of the CoinPoker command – for example Antanas Guoga – Tony G with which we often played at one table!!!

    1. Зачем скрывать преступников? Только мировое соглашение с каждым потерпевшим – может это оправдать !!! Вы не можете одни справедливо закрыть этот скандал ! Вся ответственность ложиться на CoinPoker в дальнейшем времени. Нужны примеры мировых соглашений , чтобы игроки всего мира доверяли Вам !!!

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