CoinPoker Referral Program is Now Live!

We’re excited to announce that the CoinPoker Referral Program is live! As of today, you can earn crypto for every friend you invite. No complicated signups or terms, it’s as easy as logging in and using your referral link.

To start collecting, refer at least 2 players. Once both players collect a minimum of 500 CHP in Community Contributions, you will be rewarded with a 50% share – and it’s not a one-time thing!

The CHP rewards start piling up as soon as you:

As soon as both conditions are met, you’ll be able to claim 50% of Community Contributions collected by all players referred.

For more details on how to get started, check out this guide.

Why CoinPoker?!

CoinPoker uses decentralized card shuffling and blockchain payments to bring the game back to players. In addition to having the lowest rake on the online poker market, which is returned entirely to the community, players can deposit and withdraw in BTC, ETH, and CHP.  

If that sounds great, that’s because it is. Help us spread the word and earn crypto rewards for every player you refer! All you need to do is create an account and send players our way. No complicated signups or forms, it’s as easy as logging in and using the referral link under your CoinPoker account. 

Join now!

Changes to Community Contribution Figures 

As we tested and monitored feedback regarding Community Contributions, it was clear that we would need to make changes to deliver the best possible results to our community. Firstly, we will adjust the ratio of burned tokens to promotional activities. 

From September onwards we will split the amount of tokens 50/50. Previously, 75% of tokens collected were burned and the remaining 25% was invested in promotional activities. 

However, this won’t result in fewer tokens for burning because we will also raise the cash game CC percentage to 2%. Caps will be also increase to 3 big blinds for lower stakes but will stay the same for higher stakes. Our goal is for CoinPoker to flourish, so with the extra contributions from our community, we will be able to offer some of the best conditions around when it comes to rewards for referring players!

Unlike rake, Community Contributions are not a source of profit for CoinPoker. The purpose of these contributions is to deliver value to our community of investments and players. For more details on how it works, check out this article.

Tokens Burned in August 2019: 8,285,016.4 CHP

Compared to last month, where we collected just over 5 million CHP, August was a great success. A staggering 8,285,016.4 CHP was sent to our black hole address. For more details on the transaction and address, check out the links below.

Our Cash Leaderboard is Just the Beginning

In August we were able to deliver on the promises made in July’s report. The new Cash Leaderboard, something our team has been working towards for a while, was launched and an additional 600,000 CHP in monthly prizes was returned to the community.

This was done in response to feedback that cash players did not reap the benefits of Community Contributions, and is only the first of many promos to come. We will also continue to track both the Cash Leaderboard and Welcome Bonus and make improvements based on feedback and results. 

The next step in our plan involves bringing in new partners to get the best out of the new referral program. The team is also busy with new in-app features and fine-tuning the gaming experience to eliminate any remaining bugs.

Stay tuned for future announcements and be sure to share your feedback with us on Telegram or in the comments below!

1 thought on “CoinPoker Referral Program is Now Live!

  1. “The purpose of these contributions is to deliver value to our community”

    nonsense, if you want to deliver value, remove these contributions completely as it was before, that is value for players, all this rhetoric how bigger rake is better for players is retarded. Im done playing there until it decreases significantly

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