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Community Contributions in December 2019: Year-end Overview and a New Record!

What a year it has been! Before diving into the latest news and updates, the CoinPoker team wants to say a huge thank you to all of you. The brand-new features, exciting promotions, and a growing community – all of this would not be possible without you guys. Each day we strive for constant and never-ending improvement, thus let’s make 2020 even better together!

Without further ado, let’s jump right in and review last month’s contributions. During December, we collected a record-breaking 31,574,927.32 CHP in Community Contributions (CC) to return to the community in various forms and CHP burning.

Below is our monthly report, where you can find a complete overview of the burned tokens and last month’s achievements.

CHP Tokens Burned in December 2019: 15,787,463.66 CHP

Community Contributions are split in half, allowing us to use 50% for various improvements, promotions, and player acquisition campaigns. Remaining 50% share of CC is reserved for burning and removing tokens from the current supply. In December, we burned 15,787,463.66 CHP and sent it to the black hole address below.

Recent Updates, Accomplishments & New Game

Let’s go through all the improvements and changes that happened during the last month of 2019.

Alongside updates like a rathole bug fix, increased table cap, auto time bank option, filters for full and empty tables, and temporary deposit fee removal for ETH/BTC deposits, we decided to eliminate heads-up cash games to increase the action at 6max tables. SnG games have also been removed as a result of low traffic. We believe it’s essential to keep track of what players enjoy, thus a new game was released to substitute it: Push or Fold. If you haven’t tried this game type yet, join your fellow poker fans and experience this exciting game right away!

Apart from technical development, we launched a marketing campaign to go with TonyG Bike Ride promotion. This was a great success and we look forward to continuing with the TonyG Bike Rides as the new year starts.

We have thrown a true poker party and it seems to be a good one as our players are doing an excellent job inviting their friends and promoting CoinPoker on their own! Their efforts, combined with our referral program, has resulted in passive profit of hundreds of thousands CHP. Not in the program yet? It’s not too late!

Improvements and Changes In the Not Too Distant Future

In the upcoming months of 2020, CoinPoker players can expect more thrilling promotions, new in-app features, new games and notable changes to the way our application works. There are exciting times ahead of us, so stay tuned! 

Have a question? Feel free to drop the comment below or join our growing community on Telegram.

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