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Community Contributions in October 2019: New Features on the Way

Spooky season is over, and this October we collected 7,814,126.24 CHP in Community Contributions (CC) to put towards CoinPoker projects and CHP burning. As winter kicks in (for most of us), we expect to see more grinding in the last couple of months of 2019.

Like always, you can find the full monthly report below. It includes the exact number of CHP tokens burned, as well as links to verify the transactions. We will also share a bit about what’s in the works, and we’re excited to say that there’s plenty of great stuff in progress.

CHP Tokens Burned in October 2019: 3,907,063.12 CHP

Since August, the share of CC reserved for burning was set to 50%. The other 50% is used to fuel promotional activities designed to give back to our community and attract more players. In October, a total 3,907,063.12 CHP was collected for burning and will be sent to the black hole address below.

The links above are a way for us to improve transparency between our team and community members like yourself.

Prepare for New Games and App Features

Alongside the usual bug fixes, our tech team is working on the launch of some new in-app features to improve the CoinPoker gaming experience as well as a new game, something that is always welcomed by our regular grinders. This includes auto time bank option, hand strength indicator and many more.

In October we made some tweaks to the Galactic Grinders Leaderboard, separating SnGs to give those players a fairer shot at making it to the top spots. We focused on adding more MTT tournaments to the schedule last month, giving players action no matter what timezone they’re in. We will continue to monitor player traffic and improve the schedule according.

Player acquisition with our affiliate program is also gaining momentum, and spreading the word about it is a key focus for our team in the next few months. We will keep you updated, so keep your eyes on our blog and socials for more news as it comes!

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