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Community Contributions in September 2019: More MTTs and Plans for October

This month we collected 9,587,712.25 CHP in Community Contributions (CC), marking September our fourth and most successful month yet! Our CC plan already resulted in new promotions for our community, and there are plenty more to come.

Below is our monthly report, giving you, as a member of our community, a complete overview of the tokens burned, as well how we plan to put your contributions to work in the coming months. 

CHP Tokens Burned in September 2019: 4,793,856.125 CHP

After announcing some changes in August, the share of tokens burned is currently 50% of the total amount collected. The remaining 50% is returned back to players in form of  community-centric activities like our Cash Leaderboard, Welcome Bonus, and Referral Program

But before we dive into how we put CC to work in October, this month’s share of 4,793,856.125 CHP will be sent to the black hole address. Below are the links to the token burning address and transaction. Transparency is essential for CC to work, and here’s where 50% of your contributions went: 

Boosting Current Activities and Funding New Ones

In September our team worked on optimizing our existing offering of games and promotions. This started with improving our MTT schedule bringing more action to the tables.

The real grinders play around the clock, and we wanted to expand the variety of tournaments to choose from at all times. Another way we we aim to level the playing field to accommodate more players is by evening out the overlay of tournaments. This makes sure everyone benefits from that extra overlay and not just the high-rollers who play the most expensive events.

Even after adding a new Cash Leaderboard and boosting the monthly prize pool to 1,600,000 CHP, we still see it as a work in progress. Next month will be dedicated to finding more ways to include our players to Leaderboard action, and we also have some new in-app features, games, and plans to attract more players in the works. 

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