Community Poll: Stable Vs. Unstable In-game Currency

CHP has been our in-game currency since 2017 when CoinPoker first opened its doors for the players. It has been an absolute roller coaster in terms of the value of the coin. Upswings and downswings worth hundreds of percent were common, and our players learned to live with it.

We feel it’s time to talk about what it really means to have CHP as a main in-game currency, evaluate our options and give the community a say.

Withdrawal limits

Since day one, our main objective is to give more power to the players.

Unfortunately, low liquidity combined with high volatility of CHP price has made it impossible to offer limitless CHP withdrawals. As a result, withdrawal limits have been introduced.

Many greeted the news with frustration, but we see that you got used to it and proceed playing.

Introducing stable gameplay currency would allow us to make withdrawals limitless again, but the main question is: is it still important to you?

Nosebleed action

CoinPoker, having an ambassador like TonyG, turned heads of multiple world class players. Victor „Isildur1” Blom and Isabelle „NoMercy” Mercier can often be found at our tables having fun. But sometimes we need something more than fun, don’t we?

And here we must admit – stakes equivalent to hundreds of thousands of dollars are simply not possible at CoinPoker due to low liquidity of CHP. As a result, CoinPoker loses a lot of marketing value that nosebleed players would bring.

On the other hand – many of you choose CoinPoker purely for fun and nosebleed games are not something you’re after.

So do you need nosebleed action? Does CoinPoker need it? If it’s a ‘yes’ then stable in-game currency would make it possible.

General player uncertainty

We receive daily complaints from the players stating that they won thousands of CHP during their session just to realise they have ended the day with smaller bankrolls in terms of fiat value.

All because the price of CHP has dropped significantly in just a few hours. It’s also a reason why a lot of new players shy away from CoinPoker, reducing our chances to increase action at the tables.

However, some losing sessions can turn into winning ones for the same reason!

The situation might not be relatable to everyone, but it’s still worth mentioning, that a stable in-game currency would eliminate this issue in a blink of an eye.

Do you prefer stability when it comes to the value of your holdings or do you like gambling?

Future of CHP

Many of you must be thinking that the points analysed above sound legit but can’t help and wonder what would happen with our beloved CHP if the stable gameplay currency was introduced.

Let’s be clear. We are not considering saying goodbye to CHP. This poll is about changing the main in-game currency to a stable one, while at the same time rewarding CHP holders with various perks, such as the Binance model of offering rakeback exclusively for CHP holders and much more. While we do want to solve the issues described in this article, we are still eager to introduce great conditions for the value of CHP to grow.

Be a part of the decision

When we say more power to the players, we mean it.

Our community has and always will be the backbone of CoinPoker. That’s why we ask you to share your opinion:  should CoinPoker have stable in-game currency or would you prefer gambling not only at poker tables, but with the value of your holdings, too?

Please chose what best suits you (please don't forget to enter your username):

This poll was available from July 27th to August 9th.

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30 thoughts on “Community Poll: Stable Vs. Unstable In-game Currency

  1. Здравствуйте. Собственная валюта CHP и игра на криптовалюту, это потрясающая идея. Я бы все так и оставил, как есть, только нужно переманить игроков сюда, делать разные акции, какое-то колесо фортуны придумать с тремя бесплатными попытками каждый день, ивенты какие то новые, которых не у кого нибыло разработать. Например ивент в длительностью 1 год, в виде простого достижения уровня, где за каждый уровень будут награды. Или ивенты на 1 месяц какие то, или на 15 дней… Акции и т.д. И обязательно рекламу давайте в интернете, много рекламы по акциях и ивентах, и не забудьте все время подчеркивать в своих статьях, что когда будет расти покер рум, то все игроки будут выигрывать, так как цена CHP будет расти

  2. Hello,
    The option that has the best chance of increasing the chp value is the best from my point of view.
    I logically think that if there are two tokens, one stable and the other volatile the value of CoinPoker and the CHP should be increased.
    Thank you for these good initiatives.
    Have a nice day.

    Best regards.

  3. If you introduce a stable coin to play, what would the CHP be for ? It’s legitimate to suspect that the chp will lose 90% of its value the moment you replace it by a stablecoin. Could you be more specific about what will be its new functions ?

    1. Hi, we need to see where the poll takes us, first. But neither option at the moment includes abandoning CHP, and we are committed to building an economy around it to make holding CHP an attractive choice.


  5. Why not have USDC tables and CHP tables running simultaneously? Then people can choose, obviously make rake back possible for CHP holders and exclusive promotions to entice players to hold both.

    1. That’s actually a very good observation. Something to consider if the poll shows community wants stability.

  6. This is great. Usdt as in game currency would make coinpoker WAY more attractive as a poker room. With btc/eth/usdt deposits and a stable ingame currency you can attract people who actually wants to play poker and not speculate on CHP price. The software and poker product is really solid.

    Its also important to build the value of the CHP token.
    I would keep the bad beat jackpot as CHP. And you could still award CHP for the leaderboards. The more CHP you hold the more rakeback you get. Maybe exclusive tournaments for CHP holders of different lvls. Tournaments with CHP buy ins and usdt prizes etc. Lots of opportunities. And no doubt a HUGE improvement. The only competitor within bitcoin poker is SWC. And coinpoker software is 100x better. Only problem is CHP as ingame currency.

  7. Hello, I have an awesome idea that will make your poker room stand out from the rest. The idea is for the poker room to exist on a solid foundation, a father-in-law on American dollars, let the CHP be pegged to the dollar. But also allow to use Ethereum at the same time! With a possible conversion to the US dollar and vice versa, inside the application, and everything at the current exchange rate. If this is implemented, then your poker room will be unique, and this uniqueness will be appreciated by many players, many will like it. thank

  8. extremely awesome but keep focus on security, cos players combined here to take advantage sitting together. So difficult to beat 4 or 6 card instead of two.
    User Jamessmith.
    Have a nice one.

  9. Hi, my propostions are two:

    First: to use a stable coin to play and bid: usdt

    Second: I would involve the community in the company.

    How: dividing the company profits into the total supply: 284.115.311
    That means: if somebody has 1% (2.841.153,11 coins) of the supply he will be able to obtain 1% of the daily benefits distributed at the end of the month in usdt.
    The people would buy the token and they will not have reason to sell them at least the value is will be so big. But with time, the value and the project will stabilize.

    If we compare the billions that are moving this sector, 1% of benefits could means 10M dollars. In an hypothetical future you can obtain 1-3 usdt in a year in profits with only one coin.

    This should be so attractive iniciative to the people.

    Have a nice week,
    The Pope

  10. Maybe a combo of both? Similar to what Crypto Poker Club does. Has a BTC side and a ETH side you and deposit and play on. You get the nosebleed games with your stable coin while rewarding the CHP holders with a rakeback %. CHP can continue to develop and grow.

  11. What if you made an in-game exchange for those, who want to speculate the prices and those who want to protect their profits? We could then make 3 currencies available at coinpoker to both play and trade with. This could attract both players and gamblers alike.

  12. I think that we need to make a free exchange within the application so that the player can choose the coin that is convenient for him at a given time

  13. Yes this is a great idea. Like how the profits at get shared amoung the win token holders.

    But you cant share the profits with 100% of tokens. Just the tokens who opts in to receive their share of the profits/rewards. Say if just 20% of the CHP tokens opts in those 20% share the whole pot.

    The way to opt in could be like it is now. People need to link their coinpoker accoint with an eth adress. And the CHP tokens must be held in the ETH adress and not in the coinpoker account. That way coinpoker could just scan the balances of the linked eth adresses and distribute the profits/reward to the holders.

    1. Hi Olaf, in my point of view, CoinPoker as a company should receive the most of the profits to continue the project healthy. If we distribute the 100% between all the tokens I suppose that at least 20-40% of them would be in the Coinpoker hands.

      About how to receive those earnings could be as you say but for me will be enough to reveice them in my Coinpoker balance as usdt.
      Then, we can decide to play with them in the platform or put away in other external account.


      1. I think it’s a great idea to share a % of the total rake produced on the site every months at CHP holders. It’s the only way to involve even foreign investors who they even don’t know what poker is! having a passive income, possible for life, it’s a super great value of course!

  14. my suggestion. 1) bind CHP to dollar or euro 1 $ & € = 100 CHP. 2) and leave the electronic wallets of the cryptocurrency, both for replenishment and withdrawal, well, exchange for CHP for the game, and for turnover if someone wants to exchange CHP into cryptocurrency. 3) Make promotions and bonuses with links to the media and poker sites. 4) The wheel of fortune has proven itself very well in poker rooms, you need to make it on an ongoing basis. 2 or 3 free spins per day. And add 10 VIP levels, and each level has its own wheel of luck values.

  15. Сделайте турниры в USDT а регистрация по курсу в валюте CHP Колесо фортуны-было бы супер. Сделайте так чтобы во фрироллах разыгрывались не билеты, а например 10 призовых мест в валюте CHP, и ваш сайт будет процветать.

  16. I only play here for chp tokens. They can go up, they can go down, but if the platform works and the project advances I believe that in the long term the value of the chp will certainly go up
    If it will no longer be possible to play with the CHP but with a useless stable coin, then what are the chp for? I believe I am one of the most active and most chp holder players on the site and for me this idea is horrendous and undermines the foundations of the whole coinpoker system from the bottom up. I strongly disagree. The votes then more than to the community, should be made for the number of hands played or chp held. The vote of one who has played 2 freerolls for 100 chp cannot be compared to the vote of one who has played hundreds of thousands of hands and has millions of CHP and he is playing from the beginning of the project!

  17. We could change the way the rake is paid. Instead of taking it from our stack, like it is the case everywhere, we could take it from the bankroll of the winning player, and give the choice to the player, either to pay with the stable coin, or with the CHP with a 30 to 50% discount. Like in binance or Kucoin. This way everybody would still need some CHPs. But it may not be enough to keep the price as it is now.

    Or / and we could go like a bit like wink with the WIN token, allow for the players to freeze their CHPs on the coinpoker site, and then allocate 50% of the community contributions to the CHP owners. For exemple if you have 1M chips frozen and there are 100M frozen CHPs total, you get 0.5% of the monthly contributions. It would be like having a share of coinpoker.

  18. The innovative thing about using coinpoker is that you can play with cryptos. This is what drove the project and the idea, to change it is to go for the traditional disguised as cryptoestable (stable coin).
    With CHP you enjoy speculating and having fun at the tables at the same time.

    You need to reenforces CHP listing exchange to get more liquidity.

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