Congrats! The Winners of the Very First Crypto Series of Poker (CSOP)

Congrats! The Winners of the Very First Crypto Series of Poker (CSOP)

Congratulations to the Crypto Series of Poker champions! These players used their skills to compete with over 5,000 players in our inaugural crypto poker event, winning over 22,000,000 CHP tokens in the process.

This tournament series is not just historic for CoinPoker’s team and community, but is by far the largest scale series event to award all prizes in cryptocurrency. Here are some interesting stats about this epic event:

  • The largest prize pool collected was a whopping 4,935,000 CHP in the CSOP Main Event, which was won by “Imsobad”
  • Over 5,125 players competed for the 10,000,000 added CHP
  • The total prize pool exceeded the added amount to a staggering 22,558,750 CHP tokens
  • The bounty and the 20,000 CHP award for Tony G’s head goes to “sosick”

The CSOP Players Who Made It to the Top

In addition to the Crypto Series of Poker event winners, 50 lucky winners of the CSOP Leaderboard will battle it out in the Race to WSOP qualifiers that takes place on June 4 and 5. Winners will take home 3 packages to the WSOP Main Event and we wish them luck at the World Series of Poker!

Crypto Series of Poker CSOP Winners CoinPoker
Top 10 Players of the CSOP

What’s Coming Next?

It’s going to be tough to top a 10,000,000 CHP added tournament series, but our team is more than ready for the challenge. In addition to a new tournament schedule we willl be announcing some exciting news regarding our Asian Poker Tour (APT) partnership. The smell of satellites is in the air!

And last but not least, we want to thank our amazing community for the exciting weeks behind and ahead of us. You guys are great and motivate us to continue improving our platform!

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