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Monthly report: Sportsbook In USDT, BBJ Changes, News And Improvements

In this report you’ll learn what important updates and noticeable improvements we’ll be introducing in December (3rd, to be precise), and what happened in November.

December 3 (Part I: Sportsbook)

Note this date, as it will be important for sportsbook fans, who’ll finally be able to place their bets on sports using USDT. We believe this change will attract more recreational poker players who will enjoy their time at the tables while also placing bets on their favourite sports team. 

Since players will no longer be able to utilize their CHP in sportsbook, soon we will be introducing extra leaderboard points for those who’ll be paying rake in CHP. According to our observations this new benefit should have higher added value to CHP users than exclusive access to sportsbook. 

IMPORTANT: Due to the Sportsbook shift to USDT any active bets will be cancelled on the 3rd of December 08:00 GMT.

December 3 (Part II: Bad Beat Jackpot)

Another significant change is related to the Bad Beat Jackpot and its rules for hitting the pot. Up until now we’ve been lowering the requirements alongside the growth of the prize. The bigger the potential winnings- the lower the requirements. However in order to guarantee growth of the prize and more excitement for the players the minimum requirements for the losing hand will no longer change according to the size of the prize pool. This should bring notable changes to the size of the jackpot once the BBJ is triggered. 

CoinPoker app updates

November was full of work as we’ve released straddle and Run It Twice indicators. From now on players will be able to see clearly which player is using the feature based on the sign next to the players username. 

Also, tournament tickets are one of our top priorities as we understand it as the backbone of the loyalty system that we have in our future plans. We’re halfway done with it already and are hoping to release it early next year.

Further improvements

The time has come to focus on a strong affiliate system to attract some serious affiliate partnerships and add a decent number of players to our community. That’s one of our main goals now.

End of the year is close and as a sign of appreciation for being a member of CoinPoker’s community we are preparing a new promotion for you. We’ll be introducing it in the nearest future and we’ll make sure you’ll have the best time at the tables. Get ready for some fun and action! 

And now feast your eyes on the biggest BBJ that was hit in November:

Let’s meet at the tables, community! 

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