CoinPoker launches Community Contributions

Ending 2019 with a bang – Shifting gears for 2020!

2019 was truly an eventful but also exciting year for all of us here at Coinpoker. We saw the incredibly popular poker player Viktor Blom (Isildur1) join the community and bring action under the alias Blom90 alongside the legendary TonyG. Adding a profile like that played a big part in generating record-breaking action at the high stakes tables.

We also saw the successful launch of the Xmas TonyG Bike Ride, a series of new games, features and deposit options, all of which contributed to a rapidly expanding the community.

The biggest success during 2019 was without a doubt the Community Contributions scheme, something we believe to continue being one of the key factors during 2020.

Re-investing in the community

“Continued sharing and re-investing in the community – that was the main focal point and ‘nuts’ idea from the very beginning in 2017 and it will stay the key initiative for this year as well”, said TonyG, ambassador at CoinPoker

“When all the crypto space was down, we took a risky decision to burn one part of the raked tokens and spend another part on growing the community by referrals. Both initiatives became very successful, I would say”.

Burning tokens was an experiment initiated six months ago which proved to not only meet our expectations but also surpass them on a monthly basis reaching the all-time high in December when we burnt 15,787,463.66 CHP out of the total 47,032,819.28 CHP that was burnt during the year. Truly astonishing results which we are extremely proud of. 

More action at CoinPoker

The increase in the CHP value, gaining close to 42% from October 31 to December 31, had an equal increase in both confidence and commitment from our community, resulting in – more action at CoinPoker.

The burning of the tokens did its job; the time is now for us to take the next step, growing the community and action at the tables even further.

Starting from the 1st of February, 90% of the rake will be returned to the community through various incentives. We will keep on burning and continue to use it as an essential tool but will be doing so at a more reasonable 10% rate.

This enables CoinPoker to offer bigger tournaments, increase motivation and expansions along with other initiatives. The 1 BTC TonyG Xmas Bike Ride is a very good example of what we are aiming to bring during 2020.

From here it’s onwards and upwards, focusing on player acquisition, increased transparency and above all – more fun at the tables!

With our fuel tanks fuller than ever, we will aim straight to the Moon this year. Everyone from CoinPoker Community is on board and we promise an amazing journey! So stay tuned not to miss the countdown, because we will start the takeoff with one hell of a promotion!

New to Coinpoker – Want to Play in the Bike Ride?

Does the TonyG Bike Ride sound interesting? If you don’t have a  Coinpoker account yet, make sure you open one right away. You could be the lucky player that walks away with the bounty, for knocking Tony off his Bike and out of the tournament.

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