5,000,000 CHP Claimed by Last Month's Leaderboard Winners

5,000,000 CHP Claimed by Last Month’s Leaderboard Winners

We would first like to congratulate the winners of last week’s leaderboard race. After carefully monitoring our most active players during this exciting week, our winners; impressive skill and dedication as they battled thousands of others for a share of 5,000,000 CHP truly shined through.

Without further a-do, here are our top 3 star players for each leaderboard last week:

CoinPoker Leaderboard Winners 5 Million CHP Won


All of our winners met the promo’s VPIP requirement, and although our ambitious winners have pushed the limits of what is humanly possible, we have confirmed that they played fairly and with integrity. Unfortunately, there were a few exceptions.

After extensively reviewing our player data, we have banned several accounts guilty of automated play, but only after extensive review to confirm foul play. Our current leaderboard results have been adjusted, and with some new updates to our security measures we’re confident that our number policy breaking players will drop.

A New and Improved Leaderboard Race

You may have also noticed that Civic verification was introduced last week, which is a crucial step we are taking to eliminate multi-accounting. But that’s just the start of many updates to our leaderboards.

Starting tomorrow 8AM GMT we’ll be adding a table cap of 8 tables per player. This means that a player can play a maximum of 8 tables at one time, and we believe this will positive influence our platform in a number of ways:

  • More players can participate in games
  • Game speed will increase as fewer players time out, and average response time drops
  • Trust will increase from other community members (until we roll out our peer-to-peer blockchain security update in October)

On a more general note, this change will help balance the difficulty of our games to suit both high volume professional players and more casual players just looking for fun. Naturally we will keep an eye on the actual results by listening in on our community’s feedback, and use these insights to create a platform fun for all poker players.

Time to Stop Playing for Pennies

The second change we are making, effective today, is elimination of table limits up to 0.25 CHP per BB. As volatile cryptocurrency markets fluctuate, we need to adjust our game offerings to reflect the value of CHP which we hope this change will help us do.

One thing that won’t change is that our games will continue to be rake-free. We will also be adding features to our desktop app, so keep an eye out for new games, features, and promos on our media channels.

In closing we want to thank our growing community for your efforts. We have received a lot of feedback in regards to this promotion, both positive and negative. We always appreciate praise and constructive criticism. We rely on our community for your continued support and feedback, so keep it coming.

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