Fun Friday – Crypto and Poker Memes

Most of those that started playing poker in the late ’90s and early 2000 did so after having watched the game on TV. The amount of money that was involved truly caught peoples attention. Not only that but the players really looked like they were having fun and enjoying the game.

As of late, when looking at live streaming or recaps from events around the world, everyone seems so serious and not at all the same relaxed atmosphere we used to have. What we need to do is start bringing the fun back to the game and making everyone feel relaxed instead of blowing a fuse each time one suffers a bad beat or loses a flip.

Funny crypto and poker memes

With this in mind, we decided to try and give our best shot at creating some funny poker and cryto memes. Some of you might like it, others might hate it but at least we gave it a try. If we succeed to bring a smile to just one of you out there, then we´ve been successful.

The Rock and crypto wallet

The Rock just after he opened his first crypto wallet

Thanos staring down his opponent

Thanos not intimidated at the poker tables

Yoda is one with the force

Yoda feels a bluff in poker

Eddie Murphy – Try me fool

Eddie Murphy - Try to bluff me

Action weekend approaching

We have an action-packed weekend ahead of us, with a fully loaded tournament schedule for both Saturday and Sunday. Millions of CHP in guaranteed prize money along with 0.35 BTC in bounties.

All you need is a CoinPoker account, make a deposit and enter the event(s) in question.

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