Galactic Grinders Updates: New SnG Leaderboard and MTT Scoring

Our Galactic Grinders Leaderboard promotion is one of our most successful long-term projects. With the help of community feedback, our team has taken it from a single race to multiple leaderboards and a hefty 400,000 CHP in weekly prizes. 

As with all great promotions, they require ongoing improvements to stay relevant. Based on the latest batch of recommendations from our community, we are excited to roll out the following changes, designed to improve your CoinPoker experience, starting this Monday.

1. Giving SnG Fans their Own Leaderboard

Things were good, but it’s time to split up. Our MTT and SnG games will no longer share a single leaderboard. While both games are similar, it was simply too challenging to find a scoring formula that would give players of each game equal chances of making it to the top. 

For this reason, we decided to go with the advice from our players and give SnG fans a separate leaderboard and prize pool. The new SnG Leaderboard will also come with its own scoring system and formula: Coefficient × (Total Entrants / Finishing Position). The coefficients, which are based on buy-in value, are shown below.

  • NL200: 0.08
  • NL500: 0.20
  • NL1000: 0.40
  • NL2500+: 1.00

2.  Fairer Point Scoring for the MTT Leaderboard 

In addition to the SnG Leaderboard, we will roll out a new formula for calculating MTT Leaderboard points. We wanted to address the fact that the previous formula did not reward high-performing players enough, and the new formula will result in an increased difference between points awarded for different places.

In effect starting Monday, MTT Leaderboard points will be calculated as follows: 10 * (√ (Number of players) / √ (Place)) * (1 + LOG (Buyin + 0.25)). As we continue to test and try new things, we hope to continuously improve the Galactic Grinders promotion in a way that rewards players for their dedication as well as skill.

The more you play, the more we learn about offering the best possible value. Keep grinding and stay tuned for more news and updates. Also, make sure you keep the feedback coming in Telegram or let us know what you think about these changes in the comments below!

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