The Results Are In! The 10 CoinPoker Hand Off Finalists

The Results Are In! The 10 CoinPoker Hand Off Finalists

Last week we invited our community to participate in the CoinPoker Hand Off, and the results have been as fun as they were crazy! After viewing plenty of crazy hands, from bad beats to epic wins, we have narrowed it down to 10 outstanding hands who will now compete for a total prize pool of 8,500 CHP!

Just to recap, this is only the first round of the CoinPoker Hand Off competition. Round 2 will comprise of voting on our official Facebook page until Tuesday the 14th of August. The 3 hands with the most votes will receive the following cash prize:

  • 1st Prize: 5,000 CHP
  • 2nd Prize: 2,500 CHP
  • 3rd Prize: 1,000 CHP

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CoinPoker Hand Off Round 1 Finalists

Without further ado, here are the top 10 Hand Off finalists. Don’t forget to like the hand on Facebook and cast your votes!

1: Shark777 Wins with 4 Of a Kind 2s on the Turn and River 

2: IAmRich Gets 4 of a Kind on the Flop

3: Bad Beat! Cryptomadness’ Opponent Rivers a Full House After Pushing Him All-In

4: IAmRich Does it Again With 4 Of a Kind Queens

5: Jhonorrego Wins by Hitting Higher Full House on the River

6: TheBull Lands a Royal Flush on the Flop

7: SlayerDave Lands a Royal Flush on the Flop, Too

8: RUNfatboyRUN Hits a Royal Flush on the River

9: Four of a Kind 8s for Socrater On the Flop

10: Aspergillux’s EPIC 4 Of a Kind Ace Win

Didn’t make it this time? This is just the first of many Hand Off competitions, so be sure to keep tabs on our Telegram channel for the next round coming soon.

9 thoughts on “The Results Are In! The 10 CoinPoker Hand Off Finalists

  1. These are all very worthy of the top 10, however, everyone knows the Royals are the hardest hands to make, let alone flop. When compared to Omaha vs Holdem, the frequency of any high hands is more common in Omaha, therefore in my eyes, the winner should be the Royal from the Holdem game. Nice hands to you all but better hand to ‘SlayerDave’

    On of the other hands, like four Aces, the hand does not play both cards as the K on turn outplays his Q kicker. The Royal in Omaha from ‘RUNFatBoyRUN’ has an argument for this contest winner for simply beating another big hand, flopped quad 10’s! Again the Royal flopped in Holdem is more difficult to accomplish, but so is beating quads with a Royal. That is a jackpot in some places so I could reconsider and see the winner going to ‘RUNfatboyRUN’.

    Good luck to you all and thanks for the contest @CoinPoker

    RUNfatboyRUN made Royal on the river not the turn as headline states and Johonerrego’s headline has a typo, “Hits a Wins” should be either “Hits a Win” or “Hits and Wins”?

  2. Crypto Madness get’s top 3 for sure. Pushed all in then (Outed from the Tourney) on the opponents KK’s. His opponent only had KK”s and pushes CRYPTO all in, then RIVERS a Full house. LOL

    Crypto Madness places easily top 3. I may even dare say 1st regardless of the amazing ROYAL FLUSHES! WOW!

    Reason? The Royal flushes they knew they had early on. As you can see, the FLOP they had known they were going to win it.

  3. Hey Bob here..

    I think they are all worthy of chip payout. I was brought to here by another friend and feel myself a bit bias towards voting him up. So.. Sorry pete. I’m gonna have to agree with James post. If I had a straight and the opponent was pushing me “ALL IN” I’d prob fold. However, again there was no sign of a possible full house until the turn since you can still only take 2 cards from Omaha. Maybe a 3 of a kind or a 4 of a kind… Yet, the opponent statistically was done. Then flops a K.

    Cryptomadness gets my vote.

  4. Мое голосование – Crypto .. но это довольно жесткая гонка, я считаю, что она может пойти на любую из вершин 3. Хорошая вершина 3.

    1. Thanks Borris, although please publish your comments in English (just so our players can see and understand your thoughts) 🙂

    1. Hey Carlos! Thanks for the feedback, we are planning on setting this up every two weeks, and look forward to your submission 😉

  5. those are trash hands i got tons of them in my database. The hand i posted was out of millions of hands that only happened 1 time. And this is a real internet grinder who grinds poker for a livign every day 10-12 hrs a day for many years. I picked 1 hand that happened to me only 1 time and it was on coinpoker and i even screen shot it to show my fellow grinders the situation. I had no clue they had this. They told me to post it on here that they had some kind of contest that i would win cause they never had that situation before. So i put it in. Its not even top 10. 1 hand thats happened 1 time and never to my fellow poker grinders. Whoever picked these 10 hands is a donk who is nothing close to a real poker grinder. Not 1 person in their team can recognize a unique poker situation that might only happen to someone 1 time in their career. They post quads beatings boats. They post royal flushes. I have tons of those hands. I have had 2 or 3 royals on coinpoker. I want people to know how incompetent this team is that they can’t even realize a unique situation in poker. Don’t waste poker players time sending in hands if you guys can’t spot unique hand to be voted on. No wonder I didn’t make top 3 my hand wasn’t even up to vote on in top 10.

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