The September Hand Off Finalists Who Won a Share of 50,000 CHP

The Winners of the September Hand Off Collect 50,000 CHP

The winners of the CoinPoker Hand Off Competition are in! After reviewing hundreds of crazy wins and bad beats, we narrowed it down to 10 finalists. Now the community has spoken, and the 3 hands with the most Facebook votes will share the 50,000 CHP pie.

Just to recap, the participants competed for the first prize of 25,000 CHP, followed by a second and third prize of 15,000 CHP and 10,000 CHP respectively. Funnily enough, September’s winners were 3 exceptionally bad beats, which you can check out below.

#3 10,000 CHP Goes to DatedReference’s Full House Loss to a Rivered Fourth Jack

#2 Coinpoker2231 Loses with a Flopped FH but Wins 15,000 CHP in 2nd Place

#1 BigHass’s Bad Beat with a Straight Flush Lands him the 25k Grand Prize

The October Hand Off Starts Now!

Didn’t make the final cut last month? Submit your craziest hand between today and October 21, 2018 for a chance to win a share of 50,000 CHP. For more details on the terms and conditions, check out the full promo details here.

Good Luck!

2 thoughts on “The Winners of the September Hand Off Collect 50,000 CHP

  1. what a bunch of joke hands. Your site is ridiculous. 2 plo hands get top 3? That crap happens all the time in plo i play plo. I have crazier hands then that. But i post a texas holdem hand that almost NEVER happens. I flop top set and the other 2 opponents have sets as well and the board runs out a straight and it splits. That never ever happens. Thats the only time its ever happened to me in 20 years playing poker. And im not even in the voting? Losing with a boat to quads is number 1? That happens to me 2 or 3 times a week. I have several of those hands to post. And thats number 1? That is nonsense.

    1. I have straight flush vs straight flush in plo. I hit royal flushes vs straight flushes your getting 4 cards each. I have quads over quads to a few times. Holdem only 2 cards. Its even hard to hit 3 sets in plo i have very few hands where its set over set over set in plo game. THat hand i sent in only happen to me 1 time in my entire career and its not in the voting? Set over set over set not in plo but holdem and the turn and river have to go runner runner for a straight to split the pot. So this is crazy scenerios in 1. First 3 sets on holdem extremely rare and then for it to run out a straight to split is also very hard to do. You put both scenerios together you will only see it 1 time if your lucky in your career. And even in plo like i said to see 3 sets is rare. This is nonsense voting im so done with coinpoker. Gl with your project where you basically sell chp to get ether tokens. Thats why when i did cashouts it got canceled at times you were to busy selling my coinpoker tokens in my wallet for ether tokens so people could play and you guys make money on ethereum while coinpoker token holders lose money. Well done gg.

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