How to Buy CHP Tokens on KuCoin with MyEtherWallet

A Guide: How to Buy CHP Tokens (on KuCoin)

Find out how to buy CHP and transfer tokens from an exchange and into your CoinPoker wallet. We will be using KuCoin in this example and MyEtherWallet as an ERC-20 client.

If you’re new this is a great way to avoid common mistakes and learn about how crypto transfers work. So, let’s get started!

STEP 1: Go to KuCoin and log in

That is, if you have an account. If you’re completely new to KuCoin, you can register an account and follow these easy instructions on how to get started.

STEP 2: Search for CHP tokens

Once you’re logged in, go to the ‘Market’ section and search through the many tokens available for CHP, and once you find it go ahead and click on the CHP tab.

You are on your way to buy CHP!

STEP 3: Use the Buy/Sell box to purchase CHP

You’ll see a lot of graphs and figures, but on the bottom right corner there will be a widget that is secured by two factor authentication (2FA). First of all enter your 2FA code. Then you will be able to purchase tokens.

STEP 4: Go to your account to transfer the tokens to your ERC-20 wallet

Now go to ‘Assets’ and choose the ‘Main Account’ section. You are getting ready for the withdrawal.

Search for “CHP” if it’s not your first option in the list.  Do 10 push ups then select “Withdraw”.

STEP 5: Withdraw funds to your ERC-20 wallet

Be very careful when entering your e-wallet address, and make sure you carefully view your data before clicking “Confirm” as all transfers on blockchain are irreversible.

Enter your e-wallet address (the wallet verified on your CoinPoker account) and other requested info. Hit “Confirm”. A security Verification for will pop up. Enter the password, code sent to your registered e-mail and finally finish with 2FA authentication. Click ‘Submit’.

STEP 6: Check if your transfer is complete before freaking out

Don’t log into an empty e-wallet and panic. You can always check Etherscan to see if your transfer went through. You can find a link to the transaction details (similar to a digital receipt) by heading to the ‘Deposit & Withdrawal History’ in KuCoin.

Choose ‘Withdrawal history’, find the last transaction and click ‘view transaction’ under the tab ‘BlockChain Record’.

Check the status to confirm if the funds should be there, and note that the contract address listed here is NOT the address you will be using later on*.

*Smart contract addresses are not designed for transactions, and we are unable to control them in the same way a regular wallet can. As a result, the tokens transferred to the smart contract address are permanently lost. Moreover, contracts cannot be edited after deployment for security reasons, otherwise it would be impossible to trust that a contract does what is expected.

STEP 7: Go to your ERC-20 wallet client (we will be using MyEtherWallet in the next steps)

BEWARE! There are plenty of phishing sites out there that mimic MyEtherWallet (a.k.a. MEW) to trick users into revealing sensitive data. Find out how to spot this and other common crypto scams easily.

Buy CHP tokens on KuCoin exchange beware of crypto scams
Watch out for these common characteristics of MEW phishing sites.

STEP 8: Add CHP tokens to your MEW wallet info

Log in to your MEW account. You can of course use the non-recommended options but note that these are less secure (find out more).

In the main window on the right you will see the list of tokens you own.

You might not see your CHP tokens immediately and again: do not panic! You need to add the token first, which we’ll show you how to do here:

In the ‘Token’ window on the right side of the main page you will see the option ‘+Custom Tokens’. Click on it and enter the following data to the required fields: 

Token Contract Address: 0xf3db7560e820834658b590c96234c333cd3d5e5e

Token Symbol: CHP

Decimals: 18

Click ‘Save’ and you will see your CHP appear in your tokens list.

STEP 9: Transfer CHP from your verified e-wallet to your CoinPoker bankroll

Go to the ‘Send’, ‘Send Transaction’ tab. 

Enter the amount of CHP you want to send, and make sure you select the CHP option. Be careful when entering the address. Or just copy the wallet address from CoinPoker app to avoid human error.

In the deposit section of your Coinpoker app (1) “Your Wallet Address” refers to the address of your personal crypto wallet (for example your NEW wallet, if that’s what you’re using) which you deposit from and withdraw to.

While (2) “Wallet Address“ refers to CoinPoker’s wallet address which you deposit to and withdraw from.

Gas limit and Gwei are set automatically in MEW (you can change it if you like, though). We recommend 60,000 Gas for quick transfers. 

Double check the data (transfers are irreversible) and confirm whenever you’re ready.

Now that you’ve learned how to buy CHP you are ready to begin!

STEP 10: Hit the tables and enjoy!

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