Six Days Into the CoinPoker Pre-ICO and We're Already Sold Out!

Six Days Into the CoinPoker Pre-ICO and We’re Already Sold Out!

As we launched our Pre-ICO on November 16th, we were hoping it would be a success — but we couldn’t have predicted anything like this. 100,000,000 CHPs were sold out in less than a week, €5,000,000 is already contributed to our idea, and we cannot wait for what’s next to come in this amazing journey.

But most importantly, we’d like to thank you all. We could not be more grateful for the trust you have all out in this project, and we promise to do everything in our power to make sure that it amounts to everything you are looking for in the future of poker.

We are planning to launch our ICO in the middle of January/early in February, but the waiting period is going to be filled with exciting new things. Very shortly, our first partnerships with exchangeswill be announced, and we will finish our team introductions. We are also going to make a lot of UI improvementsto our app!

In addition to that, we are going to add Sit ’n’ Go as well as multi-table tournaments in our poker application just in a few weeks. Along with that, we are going to launch our very first promotions! However, our opening tournaments with the 15% of all the tokens collected during the ICO will start once the ICO concludes.

Of course, we‘ve already started preparing for our upcoming ICO. We are so excited to continue working on this project, especially after such a successful start. Many big things are ahead of us, so stay tuned, and let‘s see where this takes us all!

If you are looking to learn more about CoinPoker, you can watch our introductory video, read our Whitepaper, or take a look at our One Pager. We are a cryptocurrency-based poker room that is using blockchains and smart contracts to achieve its goals.

We are hoping to ensure fair play at the tables, guarantee immediate and secure transactions, as well as to promote transparency and accessibility to poker worldwide. Our play-money application is available for download on our website, so make sure to give it a go!

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