High Stakes Poker Pro Melika Razavi Joins the CoinPoker Team

High Stakes Poker Pro Melika Razavi Joins the CoinPoker Team

We are excited to introduce a new poker pro to the CoinPoker team! Professional cash game star Melika Razavi will be bringing her skills to the team as a CoinPoker ambassador, alongside her busy career as a high stakes regular, magician, pageant queen, and the list goes on.


Starting next week you’ll be able to find Melika at the CoinPoker tables, as well as on our official Twitch channel where we’ll be streaming regular games with tips from one of poker’s finest.


But before we dive into the exciting activities and projects we have planned, we feel that this valued addition to our community deserves a thorough introduction. Despite being preoccupied the European Poker Tour in Barcelona, Melika took some time to answer a few question to help you get to know her a little better.


Q. What was it that prompted you to start a career in poker?

“Since the age of 5 l have always loved card games . When I was 9 years old I watched some Canadian friends of the family while they were playing poker. I was fascinated and they happily taught me how to play. When I turned 16 l met a South African friend of mine who was into poker and l got the chance to play at home games. Later at the age of 23 I had private sponsors and I started to travel and play high stake cash games. For the past 2 years I have also started playing tournaments.”

Q. How did you hear about CoinPoker?

“I invested early in the ICO after hearing that blockchain technology was coming to the poker industry.”

Q. What your thoughts are on the future of crypto and poker in general?

“I personally believe that Bitcoin and Ethereum will be international currencies and therefore most poker players will be using online poker sites such as CoinPoker. Many poker players own cryptocurrency, and it is likely that the future of poker will also include cryptocurrency.”

Q. What is your overall impression of CoinPoker?

“I really like the software as it’s very user friendly. I love the fact that CoinPoker uses blockchain technology, which allows me to play comfortably knowing my money is safe and secure.”

Q. Which came first, magic or poker?

“As l mentioned above l loved playing card games since a very early age. Card tricks and magic were a big part of my childhood curiosity and passion. Both poker and magic were major hobbies since l turned 16, and to be honest l can’t really say which one came first. Later l realizedl have a stronger flame for poker, and for the two years l devoted myself fully to my professional poker career.”

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  1. Relatos sobre o fascínio por cartas pelo público masculino já é muito conhecido, a mulher sempre fez moldura com sua beleza e delicadeza para completar o ambiente, essa conversa com Melika nos mostra que a paixão por cartas não é exclusividade dos homens. Então cuidado, elas são intuitivas e perspicazes. Seja bem vinda ao nosso Coin Poker Melika Razavi.

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