Play Open Face Chinese (OFC) Pineapple on CoinPoker

Play Open Face Chinese (OFC) Pineapple on CoinPoker

After releasing Sit & Go tournaments and community contributions, we decided to throw another new game into the mix. Starting today you will be able to enjoy Open Face Chinese Poker’s popular Pineapple variation on CoinPoker!

How to Play OFC Pineapple

Open Face Chinese (OFC) Poker is derived from Chinese Poker, a point-based poker game where players compete with three hands at a time instead of just one. In OFC Classic and its other variations, the cards are played face up, making it a very different breed of game compared to PLO or Hold’em.

Instead of players trying to represent a certain hand or employ betting strategies to outsmart opponents, OFC players are concerned with arranging the cards dealt to them each round into 3 rows of hands that satisfy the following rules while also beating their opponent(s):

  • Your bottom row should be stronger than the middle and top rows
  • Your middle row must be stronger than the top row

OFC winners are determined by scores instead of bets. Players are awarded points for holding the strongest hand in each row and get extra points called royalties for different card combinations in each row. For more details on how to play OFC Classic and Pineapple, as well as a list of royalties, read the game rules here.

OFC Pineapple on CoinPoker

You’ll be able to find a diverse range of OFC Pineapple games in our lobby, with stakes to suit just about any bankroll. Buy-ins start at 250 CHP and go up to 5,000 CHP, but are subject to change depending on community feedback.

If demand is high enough, you’ll be seeing more versions of this fast-paced poker game in the future. In the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts, crazy hands, or questions in our community chat on Telegram, and good luck at the tables!

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