Introducing Short Deck Poker to the CoinPoker Lobby

Introducing Short Deck Poker to the CoinPoker Lobby

Summer is over and our tables are cooling down. That’s why our team figured it was time to turn up the heat, and we’re excited to announce the release of a brand new game on CoinPoker: Short Deck Poker!

In case you’ve never played this exciting Hold’Em variation, we’ll break it down for you:

Short Deck Poker, also known as Six-Plus Hold’Em, and is played just like Texas Hold’Em with just a few exceptions. In terms of gameplay, players check, bet, raise, or fold on each street, and there are 5 community cards on the table.

While this sounds familiar enough, what makes this game special is the lower number of cards in the deck and the effect of this on hand rankings.

Short Deck Poker is Special in 2 Big Ways

  1. The deck has only 36 cards, with cards 2 to 5 removed.
  2. The hand rankings differ from traditional poker games as a result of shifted odds from the removed cards.

One more thing about low straights:

In traditional Hold’Em games, the Ace (A) card can count towards a low straight (A2345) as well as a high straight (TJQKA). Despite the lack of cards 2-5, in Short Deck Poker you can still make a low straight with the following cards: A6789.

The following infographic sums up the key aspects of the game to take note of and gives you an overview of the hand rankings compared to Texas Hold’Em. Because this can make it confusing for players, you’ll be welcomed with a pop-up reminder of rules every time you play.

Short Deck Poker on CoinPoker

Where to Find Short Deck Poker on CoinPoker

You can find Short Deck Poker tables under the “Cash Games” tab in our lobby. Once you’re there, you’ll easily spot the “new” icon next to the Short Deck Poker option.

There won’t be any Short Deck Poker MTTs in our schedule…yet. However, our team is keeping an eye on your input and feedback. Depending on demand and popularity, you may see some tournaments popping up over the next few weeks.

Good luck at the Short Deck Poker tables, and keep an eye on our blog and social media pages for more games coming soon.

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