The CoinPoker Team Trips to Asia and Comes Back with Big News

The CoinPoker Team Trips to Asia and Comes Back with Big News

Last week members of our executive team set out to bring CoinPoker to the thriving Asian poker scene. The results? Plenty of opportunities and some big developments in the works.

Our team began their journey in China, infamous for its crackdown on crypto-mining in spite of ongoing support towards blockchain technology, and ended in Japan, home to one of the most prominent poker figures in the region.

From talks on CHP coin value to cooperating on the biggest regional poker events of 2018, we’ve got a lot to share with you. Starting with the big question many of Asian players and crypto-advocates in our community have: is the Chinese legislative environment ready for us?

Talks in China about the Future of CoinPoker

One of our strongest business partners and investors, ValueNet Capital, welcomed our team in China. Co-founder Sonic Zhang, a long time expert in evaluating and investing in blockchain projects like Power Ledger, Ripple, and Binance, is very optimistic about the future of CoinPoker in China.

While the Chinese government takes a more controlling stance of cryptocurrencies, rather than the libertarian approach we see in Europe, the legal and public environment are more than ready to embrace a crypto-based poker platform.

APT and CoinPoker Collaboration
Shaking Hands with Asian Poker Tour (APT) Heads in Manila

The next stop for CoinPoker team was the Philippines, where we met with the heads of Asian Poker Tour (APT). This year’s edition takes place in late April, and has been considered the premier poker tournament in Asia since it started in 2008.

The tournament spans across Korea, Vietnam, China, the Philippines and Japan, attracting not only biggest crowds in poker world, but swarms crypto advocates as well. Collaboration with CoinPoker was discussed as a great way to bridge these two communities, and deliver unique services to this year’s participants.

Crypto Talk in Korea, and Poker Plans for Japan

CHP has been gaining popularity over past weeks, particularly in Asian markets like South Korea. That’s why our team made sure to meet up with representatives from some of the biggest international crypto communities to gain some more insights into the growth of CHP in the region.

Getting back to the poker side of things, the team’s last stop was in Japan. After meeting with the Japanese Poker Federation we’re glad to announce that there will be plenty of interesting events coming up for our fans in Japan.

After a lot of discussion and planning we are excited to let you know that there will be plenty of new developments coming up this month throughout Asia, so stay tuned on our channels for big news this April.

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