High Stakes Hand Analysis with Pro Player Melika Razavi P13

High Stakes Hand Analysis with Pro Player Melika Razavi P10

 High stakes regular, magician, pageant queen, and CoinPoker ambassador Melika Razavi loves hitting the cash game tables. To give our community some insight into her pot-winning strategies, Melika will walk you through two great hands step-by-step.

Hand #1

360crypto open to 3,500 from under the gun and I 3-bet from the button to 10,500 with . Both the small and big blind choose to fold, and 360crypto calls.

My decision to 3bet always depends on my opponent’s gameplay and position. Usually, I like to just call when someone opens from under the gun as they have a really tight range. I chose to 3bet with that hand because 360crypto opens many hands.

The flop is  and my opponent checks.

I decide to bet 8,000 as I like to always bet around 1/3rd of the pot. I have an open-ended straight draw and it’s a great flop for me as I have the  in my hand, too. He calls the 8,000 and we take the turn.

A  hits the table, completing the flush.

Because I have the blocker in my hand and I have improved my hand to a flush draw up and down I decide to bet again. This time I bet 22,000 into 38,500 and he calls. I put him on  or  with the ace of spades, , , or  for calling on that turn.

The river card is a .

With that river, I have no choice but to make a bluff. The  is actually a good card as it minimizes the risk of him having .

I wouldn’t have bluffed if I didn’t have the  as a blocker in my hand.

He checks and I bet 59,000 into 82,500.  I couldn’t check back as there was about 0% chance to win the pot with king high. I wouldn’t have bluffed if I didn’t have the  as a blocker in my hand.

The bluff worked, he folds and I take the pot down.

Hand #2

I open on the button to 3,000 with  and just over 70 big blinds. From the small blind, Govo007 raised to 9,000. Big blind folds, and now it’s on me again and since he 3bets often, I have position on him, and also he made the 3bet small out of position, I decided to call.

The flop is .

Govo007 bets 9,500 into the 19,000 pot and here I decided to call with my second pair as I have an ace in my hand for a kicker. He could be holding  , , or any pocket pair of tens and higher as those are the ranges he is likely to be 3-betting with from the small blind.

The turn is an  and Govo007 decides to check here. My hand just improved to 2 pairs and I am certain that I have the best hand, so I decide to bet 21,000 into 38000; just a bit less than 2/3rd of the pot and leaving almost half pot left behind to shove on the river.

If he would have had  as his hand it would have been a really bad check on that turn as with the  there was a flush draw on board too. He called the 21,000 and we go to the river which is a .

Govo007 checks and I shove all in with 30,340; almost half the pot.

With that river, I still don’t think he could have or 2 pairs so it’s an easy shove. Govo007 snap-folds and the 80,000 pot comes my way.

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