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Monthly Report, BBJ Success And Plans For September!

Monthly report

New season has come and seems like it brought a wave of events and news with it. In this monthly report we’ll crunch Community Contribution numbers and will recap on the exciting things that happened in August. Also, we’ll dive into the plans for September. This autumn might be different than the others!

Community Contributions

In August our community contributed a fair 18,153,242.19 CHP. After burning the 10% – 1,815,324.21 CHP we’ll be returning 90% or 16,337,917.98 CHP back to you. It’ll be reinvested in CoinPoker application improvements, growth, and marketing. 

Check out the CHP burning process yourself: 

Black Hole Address for CHP Burning

August Token Burning Transaction on Etherscan

Allocation of Community Contributions

Where?How much?
Promos and overlays8,675,827 CHP
Referrals4,136,675 CHP
Private deals/promos950,000 CHP
Marketing2,500,000 CHP
Miscellaneous75,416 CHP

We believe it is important to remind our community that the amounts displayed above represent only how we allocate Community Contributions.

The total amount used to improve the app, acquire, and retain players is higher and we spend more than what we collect.

Bad Beat Jackpot

The previous month was an absolute success for Bad Beat Jackpot fans, since it was hit 3 times! Congratulations to those who won the hand, who suffered the bad beat and those who were simply dealt a hand in the game. They are all winners!

  • First BBJ this month was hit on 24th, August. Six players took seats at the lucky NL Hold’em table. The showdown went between ahbujee and letmego1st

The final board was showing Qh Ac Kh As 6h.

At the showdown letmego1st had Kd  Ah and won 55,098.05 CHP with a Full House, Aces over Kings. Ahbujee showed Qd Ad and won 124,653.89 CHP with a Full House, Aces over Queens.

Other 4 players each won a table share of 12465.38 CHP. 

  • Another BBJ was hit on the 25th, August. 

Three players took a seat at Omaha Pot Limit table. The final board showed As Ac Qc 5s Jc.

On the showdown Dany77 showed 2c Ad Ah 6h – four of a kind, Aces. His opponent bamboochi had Js Kc Tc Jh – a Royal Flush. Bamboochi collected 555.62 CHP from the pot.

  • The third and the biggest Jackpot (1,147,036.27 CHP) was hit on the 28th, August. 

Take a look at how it went:

Recap on August

Another achievement for us was a great feedback regarding the On Demand tourneys introduced to CoinPoker in August. It proved to be very convenient for our players. 

Also, we can’t help but mention that most of the bugs related to the 5 min break were resolved. Hopefully, this won’t cause any inconveniences in the future again. Along with this we’ve implemented the updated security features to make the application safer than ever!

And finally, in August we held a very impressive One Million Freebuy! The number of participants grew to 441 players. 81 player got paid and the the six players below shared the final table and the prize:

1SpangleCallLilliLine225 000.00 CHP
2Vukbeli138 500.00 CHP
3Dedalo89 000.00 CHP
4Dopooo65 000.00 CHP
5Pimenta5754 000.00 CHP
6Manpoker44 000.00 CHP

Congrats to the final six!


Many of you keep asking us about the poll we had on the CHP volatility situation and stable in-game currency.

Our team has a lot of things to go through, since besides the poll we also want to take into consideration your observations sent to us by email or discussed in telegram and other social media channels. A lot of information to handle and evaluate. Important decisions must be made, so we are taking our time. 

However, we are approaching the finishing line and are about to make the final decision and set the plan soon. 

Other than that, we are working on tournament tickets and a new exciting promotion!

Always improving, never stopping! 

Participate in our referral program and earn 30% of the rake collected by each of your referrals. The more referrals, the more CHP gets transferred to your CoinPoker wallet!

Have a question? Feel free to ask us anything in the comment section below or join our growing community on Telegram.

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