Leaderboard and Mobile Welcome Bonus Extended to May

Monthly Report And Plans For November

This monthly report is to recap on the highlights of October and see what November has in store for us.


It was a really busy month as CSOP and cash leaderboard took over the platform for almost all of October. At the end of these promotions, as promised, players shared what was rightfully theirs – a total prize-pool of 100,000 USDT including bounties of 1,000 and 2,500 USDT on our pros Isabelle Mercier and TonyG!

CSOP and cash leaderboard were a great success and a perfect way to celebrate USDT integration which was also smooth and brought us positive feedback from the community.

Bad Beat Jackpot drops again

Bad Beat Jackpot was triggered 4 times throughout October. The biggest Jackpot was 2372.40 USDT and it was shared by 5 lucky players. Here’s the hand: 

What’s in our plans

In November our team is determined to find additional ways to utilize CHP and they’re currently focused on the idea of giving extra points in leaderboards for those using CHP token.

Additionally we proceed on developing a number of useful in-app features: tournament tickets, showing chip value in big blinds, indicators for run-it-twice and straddle. More to come in the nearest future! 

Let’s meet at the tables, community! 

Participate in our referral program and earn 30% of the rake collected by each of your referrals. The more referrals, the more CHP gets transferred to your CoinPoker wallet!

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