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Monthly Report, Community Contributions And Changes Ahead!

We are happy to share yet another monthly report with you. In this post we will: crunch monthly Community Contribution numbers,  analyze goals reached in July and go through plans for August. We are also introducing changes to Contributions and one of our promotions. Let’s get to it. 

Community Contributions

First things first. 

Throughout June we collected a decent 15,606,072.92 CHP in Community Contributions. We burned the usual 10% – 1,560,607.29 CHP and will be returning 14,045,465 CHP (90%) back to you in a form of Coinpoker application improvements, growth, and marketing. 

Transparency is one of our core values, so here’s the CHP burning process: 

Black Hole Address for CHP Burning

July Token Burning Transaction on Etherscan

Allocation of Community Contributions

Where?How much?
Promos and overlays7,064,000 CHP
Referrals4,313,437 CHP
Private deals/promos725,000 CHP
Marketing1,900,500 CHP
Miscellaneous42,528 CHP

We believe it is important to remind our community that the amounts displayed above represent only how we allocate Community Contributions.

The total amount used to improve the app, acquire, and retain players is higher and we spend more than what we collect.


The previous month started with a bang! And by bang we mean PKO.

Progressive knockout tournaments have shown to be popular among our players and were welcomed with great joy, since many of you requested this type of tournaments for quite some time. 

Other highly requested enquiry that we managed to complete and fulfil was spins for mobile and pot limit Omaha spins. 

Additionally, we’ve made some improvements to the platform stability and worked at making the deposit process quicker. These changes are not visible to a player’s eye, but you will experience it through the platform and the game in the long run. 

Also, July was the first month when we held a One Million Freebuy! This one was a huge success! The staggering 337 players qualified and the final table of six players shared the prize as follows: 

1st placeSHAKAYO230 000.00 CHP
2nd placeKingOfClay140 000.00 CHP
3rd placeSmackersNuts95 000.00 CHP
4th placeRapture65 000.00 CHP
5th placeshiva10854 000.00 CHP
6th placeBegemot44 000.00 CHP

Congrats to the final six!


This month we plan to proceed working on the on-demand tournaments. We feel they would add value to the platform and would be a great addition to other tournament types we currently have. 

Also, we are aware of the 5 min break issues and we’ll dedicate time and effort to solve this inconvenience. 

Another very important thing is the poll we are holding regarding CHP volatility situation and stable in-game currency possibility. Our community will be able to vote for another week, so if you haven’t done it yet, or have friends who might have missed it, please let them know! 

Updates on Community Contributions and Referral promotion

Coinpoker is evolving and we must make some alterations to our current promotions, too. Therefore, starting on Monday, August 3rd we’ll be going through Community Contribution amounts transition and the changes should come to action by Tuesday, August 4th evening. The following Community Contribution amounts will be introduced to different tables:

Cash tables – 3% (caps remain the same), 

MTT’s – 7%, 

OFC – 2%. 

Also, we are altering the Referral promotion a bit. By Wednesday, August 5th, all unclaimed CHP received through this program will be transferred to the player accounts. And starting on Wednesday 07:00 GMT the referral bonus will be 30%, still giving a great benefit of inviting new players to join CoinPoker tables. 

We are eager to see where these changes take us and we have this inner feeling that many great things are about to come for all of us. 

Enough news for today!

Vote in the poll,  share the news with your friends and have the best time at CoinPoker tables!

Have a question? Feel free to ask us anything in the comment section below or join our growing community on Telegram.

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  1. Why do you call it community contributions? Just call it rake like normal people do. As for the whole project, more power to ya!

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