Meet the Latest Editions to the CoinPoker Team

Meet the Latest Editions to the CoinPoker Team

As our platform grows so does the list of people who make it all happen. Joining our team are some great minds and interesting characters, who we’re excited to introduce to our community here!

Matt Hultengren — Head of Support

Matt Hultengren  CoinPoker Head of Support

Matt fell in love with poker while working at Mirage Resorts in Las Vegas as a table games administrator for several years. This was followed by a 10+ year career at PokerStars. His primary role was as a Senior Manager for their support team but was also being heavily involved with their Security, Game Security, and Deposit Assistance departments.

Since March, Matt has moved on to guide our team of support ninjas in delivering top notch service to our growing community.

Aside from being a customer service expert, he also:

  • Likes dogs more than cats
  • Is a competitive mobile game player
  • Wants debate to return to the school system

Sarah Hamid — Head of Content & SEO

Sarah Hamid  CoinPoker  Head of Content & SEO

Sarah entered the world of online gambling while managing content at iBus Media, owners of mainstream gambling media sites like CasinoSmashand PokerNews. After leaving the industry to dive into a writing career, she started her own business as a freelance content specialist and copy editor.

The excitement of the online gaming scene has lured her back, and she will be applying her skills at CoinPoker by managing all things content.

Alongside her passion for the written word, she also:

  • Lived in 8 countries (and counting)
  • Will eat everything except brussel sprouts
  • Swam with crocodiles by accident (twice)

Nathan Lenaers — Social Media & Community Manager

Nathan Lenaers  CoinPoker  Social Media & Community Manager

Nathan has been in the business of handling gaming communities in the past, and has been a poker player for 4 years. He began taking the game more seriously 1 year ago, but has always had an interest in the community’s wants and needs. This can be attributed to a lengthy experience in cold calling and door to door sales.

After a diverse range of experience, Nathan is bringing his ability to keep a finger on the pulse of the people as a social media and community manager.

Interestingly enough, he also:

  • Eats fish at the poker table
  • Plays the ukulele (a guitar is allegedly too big)
  • Considers animals as his best friends

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