More Team Members Join CoinPoker’s International Forces!

More players, more promos, and best of all, more team members! We are happy to introduce the new faces that are shaping our product into the poker platform of the future.

Nikki Baumann

Head of Security 

Head of Security CoinPoker Cryptocurrency Poker Room
Head of Security Nikki, most likely on his way to a restaurant.

Nikki is bringing nearly a decade of knowledge to the table, with experience in fraud prevention and risk analysis at PayPal, Deutsche Bank, and leading mobile casino LeoVegas in Sliema, Malta. At CoinPoker he will take over all things security ranging from user accounts to creating risk models and policies for CoinPoker’s platform and organization.

In addition to his years of experience in risk and fraud analysis, Nikki has a deeply-rooted passion for fine wine and good cuisine. In addition to believing that, had he not pursued a career in security, he would have been a chef, Nikki also:

  • Shook hands with Pope John Paul II
  • Met Snoop Dogg (Perhaps at the same event where he accosted the Pope?)
  • Is powered by positivity and can’t stand negative people

Adrian Tamas

CoinPoker Representative in Asia

CoinPoker New Team Members
Picture taken in front of a cherry tree in Hiroshima.

A die-hard fan since day one, Adrian’s efforts in Asia are have drastically increased CoinPoker’s presence in Japan and neighbouring countries. He has brokered deals with the Japanese Poker Federation, and has used his sphere of influence to generate awareness about the benefits of CoinPoker and cryptocurrency as a whole in the region.

Alongside promoting CoinPoker, polyglot and scrabble champion Adrian is responsible for a wide array of poker and crypto events in Osaka, Japan. Additionally he:

  • Thinks ginger tastes like soap (not a fan)
  • Is terrified of crocodiles, snakes, and sharks
  • Developed an appreciation for freedom while living in communist Romania, his home country

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