They're Here! Introducing the New CoinPoker App Themes

They’re Here! Introducing the New CoinPoker App Themes

We’re happy to release the update you have been all waiting for. Our app looks so much better now, and it is also more functional, too. In addition to the security tools and P2P transfers we introduced recently, we think we’re making a very good progress on making the CoinPoker app work for every one of you!

So, what DID we update? Here’s our new batch:

1) You all wanted this, and it finally happened: we updated our visualization settings with an option to change your table design. There are seven new themes available! Sneak peek:

CoinPoker App Update Themes


2) Our lobby design and layout got a new look. We think it looks pretty good now! Do you agree? If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a pic:

CoinPoker App Update Layout and Design


3) As you can see in the screenshot above, you can now see your current positionin a tournament!

4) We also improved the columns — now you can resizethem and make the app more comfortable for you personally.

5) Nobody likes bugs — so we took care of the tournament lobby table stack sorting bugand it’s not going to bother you anymore.

6) If you have a lucky seat, you can now choose itat the tournament tables. Isn’t that neat?

7) We also made some small design changesfor the game tables. It looks better, doesn’t it?

That was quite a list, wasn’t it? As always, we’re already working on some new changes. Creating a truly functional app that suits every player’s needs isn’t an easy job — but we love doing it, and each update brings us closer to where we want to be. Stay tuned for new improvements!

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