Buy CHP Tokens on Our Very First Exchange!

Buy CHP Tokens on Our Very First Exchange!

We keep mentioning it, but it’s never enough, so here it goes again — we are overwhelmed with how active you are guys and we appreciate you showing so much interest in CoinPoker. To show our gratitude we started working even harder to bring you more great updates.

We are sure that you will be just excited about this one, as we are! Ahead of the promised schedule we are happy to announce that we’ll be finally listed on exchanges! How cool is that?

We have reached a deal with first exchange, Bankera! In March, Bankera is launching their brand new exchange platform where you will be able to trade and exchange your tokens effortlessly! If, for some reason, you still have not heard of them, here is what you need to know — Bankera might soon enter TOP 3 of ICOs, it already counts nearly 1 million users and is set to become the biggest blockchain bank and one of the biggest exchanges in the world. We have acquired a strong partner, indeed.

That’s not all! We actually made several agreements with big players out there. Some may surprise you! But we don’t stop there — we’re aiming at other highly rated exchanges as well! We want to give you the possibility to trade CHP in the most comfortable way. So, stay tuned for the big news!

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