Galactic Grinders Leaderboard Update

Poker Leaderboard: Galactic Grinders promotion update!

We feel like our loyal players have already become accustomed with the current Galactic Grinders Leaderboard. And the last thing we would want is you getting bored at the tables. But since this promo was really successful, we’ve decided not to remove it all along, instead we are giving it a FACELIFT.

Leaderboard updates

For starters, this updated Leaderboard promotion has a staggering prize pool of 3,000,000 CHP! What’s the previous 1,600,000 CHP compared to that? Weekly prizes have increased significantly, now rewarding the 150 top players with a share of over 750,000 CHP.

Seeing is believing, isn’t it? Take a look at other numbers:

 The previous promotionNew Galaxy Grinders poker leaderboard
MTT Leaderboard Weekly Prize Pool:100,000 CHP200,000+ CHP
PLO cash Leaderboard Weekly Prize Pool:150,000 CHP275,000+ CHP
NLHE cash Leaderboard Weekly Prize Pool:150,000 CHP275,000+ CHP
Total Weekly Prize Pool:400,000 CHP750,000+ CHP

Changes in Coefficients for Leaderboard points

As you already know the Leaderboard points for cash tables are calculated with coefficients depending on the stakes at the table. In order to encourage players sitting at higher stake tables, we have given a bigger edge to NL5k and NL10k players. However, the coefficients, which are based on the number of big blinds still emphasize quantity of hands over stakes and reward the most active players rather than the richest ones:

NL500: 1 point each big blind collected in Community Contributions (CC)

NL1000: 1.5 points for each big blind

NL2500: 2 points for each big blind

NL5000: 2.5 points for each big blind

NL10k+: 3 points for each big blind

! Please note that the changes will come into affect on 2020-04-13 00:00 GMT. The promo page will be updated on 2020-04-14.

A piece of bonus information: changes in the tournaments

Here at CoinPoker good news only come in pairs so in addition to the Leaderboard changes we are happy to announce a change in our special weekend MTTs. 6 events of different buyins and exciting guarantees will make sure players will stay busy throughout the weekend. Join the satellites now!

TournamentBuy-in Time
NoMercy Shooting Star 750k GTD + 100k Bounty 10,000 CHP Saturday 17:00 GMT
North Star 500k GTD 10,000 CHP Sunday 01:00 GMT
Magnetic Field 150k GTD 1,500 CHP Sunday 10:00 GMT
Eclipse 200k GTD 5,000 CHP Sunday 12:00 GMT
Rising Sun 500k GTD 10,000 CHP Sunday 14:00 GMT
Red Moon 200k GTD 2,500 CHP Sunday 16:00 GMT

Referral program: be ahead of the game

Don’t forget that you can always add to the winnings by participating in our referral program, where you can earn 50% of rake collected by each of your referrals.

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