Q&A Session with CoinPoker's Head of Poker Operations (Part 1)

Q&A Session with CoinPoker’s Head of Poker Operations (Part 1)

Last week we invited our community to send their CoinPoker questions and feedback to our Head of Poker Operations, Paulius Mikaliunas. As promised, here are the answers you’ve been looking for.

For the sake of giving our community the depth of answers they deserve, we have split the results into two sessions. Part 1 will address product features like games, the state of the iOS app, decentralized RNG, and more.

Part 2 will cover the business-related topics such as CHP price and reward programs for our affiliates and enthusiastic players. Given the complexity of these topics, we will be releasing our responses to these questions next week.

#1: The Status of CoinPoker for iOS

We know, it’s been a while since we promised the iOS app alongside the Android version of CoinPoker released earlier this year. While our team has been responding to plenty of status update questions on Telegram and beyond, we will take this opportunity to explain the reasons for this delay, which are unfortunately outside our team’s control.

Unlike Android apps, which can be easily be downloaded from third-party sources outside of Google Play, iOS apps work a little differently. It is not possible to offer a direct download to the iOS app on our homepage without Apple approving the end product; meaning our team needs to submit the final product and wait before making it available to the public.

Our team has been playing plenty of games on their iOS devices, and can’t wait to share the fun with our players. Please note that our team has submitted the final version to Apple as early as May 2018. As much as we’d like to speed up the process, our hands are tied and the release date is at the mercy of Apple’s app approval team.

#2: Progress on Our Decentralized RNG

Another item on our Summer Roadmap has been our decentralized RNG, a complex product feature that will allow players to participate in the card shuffling process and verify the fairness of the hands.

We are still in the testing phase, and while the back-end elements of the tech are ready, what we are still perfecting is the user interface so that players can easily understand how self-verification works without needing lessons in cryptographic hash functions.

We still hope to release this by the end of the summer and understand the impatience of the community after talking about this for some time.

#3: New Games Coming to CoinPoker

Based on the feedback from last week and before, there are quite a few game-related questions and requests. We have seen requests for plenty of different games, and are excited to let you know that we are in the final stages of adding a widely requested poker game to our lobby.

As always, we welcome you to send in your suggestions! We always monitor community feedback and as soon as the new game is released (and has passed our testing phases) we will be sure to let you know.

#4: The Future of Deposits and Withdrawals

Before diving into the questions about deposits and withdrawals, we want to make one thing very clear. CoinPoker is a crypto poker platform, and the use of CHP tokens to bet, deposit, and cash out is what gives players the benefit of quick payment processing and global accessibility.

That being said, we understand that players new to the crypto world still struggle with exchanges, crypto payments, and other foreign activities that they may have never had to do.

Our goal is to continue creating guides like these to help ease players into crypto, and we’re constantly looking for ways to integrate tools which will help to ease this process even more, which we will be sharing as soon as there is news to report.

4.1 Adding Direct CHP Purchases Using Credit/Debit Cards

In line with the previous paragraph, we will not be adding the option to deposit using credit cards, and crypto payments are here to stay.

What we do have implemented is the ETH to CHP feature that allows you to deposit one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, which also happens to be one of the easiest to acquire, and exchange it to CHP without leaving the app.

4.2. More Exchanges to List CHP

Yes, we are definitely working towards adding newer exchanges. However, our targets are bigger platforms with a larger reach, and therefore also require more time and effort on our part.

Our vision is for CHP to be listed on all mainstream platforms, and as soon as there are more to offer, our community will be the first to hear about it.

#5: Custom Betting Buttons

We have received many questions and feedback regarding custom betting buttons, and our response so far has been that we will not be adding this feature. The reason for this being, rather than it being in any way difficult to implement, is that CoinPoker is designed to be used with ease.

We want the game interface to be as simple and clean as possible, and in order to keep this streamlined gaming experience, we have preset buttons within the app that allow for easy betting, as well as a slider that lets you choose the custom amount you’d like to bet.

We did receive the suggestion to add bet buttons under individual settings in the same way we have skins and card design options available. However, we also want the settings to be as simple and clean as possible and will be holding off on this suggestion for the time being.

We want to thank you all for participating in this Q&A session and look forward to releasing Part 2 that address all the business-related topics that you brought up. You can continue the conversation in our official Telegram channel, or go ahead and comment with your thoughts below!

8 thoughts on “Q&A Session with CoinPoker’s Head of Poker Operations (Part 1)

  1. You’re so tone deaf it’s not even funny!

    So custom bet buttons are not in any way difficult to implement, but you won’t do it because you want the interface to be simple and clean? That makes no freaking sense, since the interface would be exactly the same!!!

    All we want is the OPTION to change the buttons ourselves! A few sliders in the settings section allowing us to change the buttons to x.xBB pre-flop and xx% of the pot post-flop.

    Oh, but you want the settings to also be clean and simple. That makes sense! Then what about creating a new tab called “mind blowing stuff – don’t come here if you don’t have a rocket science degree”? That might prevent the average Joe from finding those settings and having a panic attack.

    LOL, if you really think adding that feature would drive people away, I don’t know what else to say…

    I’m outta here!

    1. Hi John,

      We’re very sorry to hear your response. Unfortunately, these are the hard decisions our management team needs to make. We respect your decision and hope that one day you decide to rejoin us!

      1. Hi Sarah, to be fair John’s got a point. Your reasoning just doesn’t make much sense. Custom bet buttons are not by any means an advanced feature. One would think you’d want to continually improve the software, not make it seem like it’s in beta forever. I mean, it’s not like you’re having tremendous success right now, is it?

  2. You guys still haven’t fixed bug issues with the software. The first problem is the tables don’t pop up when tournies start. Soon as the tourney starts the tables should be popping up to play and they don’t. And by the time i realize it all my chips are gone in your free rolls. That needs to be fixed. And you still haven’t addressed the issue of why your site is empty of chp when people are doing withdrawals and they get their withdrawal declined. When people put chp on the client those chp belong to those players. You guys can’t give them away to other players. Our wallet aren’t really wallets. Its just numbers. All the chp go to you guys and you guys just send out first come first serve until your chp wallet is empty. That should be fixed first. That is not going to work. Our wallets on your client are supposed to belong to us not you guys. Your no different then a regular poker site when we don’t have our own personal wallet on the site. if you fix that you would get investors back into chp.

  3. Reducing dramatically the free rolls’ prize pools when CHP is down to $0.01 is genius!!! We’re all super excited to see that a final table place is now worth a few pennies. That is certainly going to attract lots of new players and make them stick around. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Carlos,

      Yes, the freebuy prize pool has been reduced, although we have updated the schedule to have a lot more running (every 30m instead of every 2h) which more than makes up for the drop.

      1. Sarah, with all due respect, are you seriously that clueless? Honestly, I’m speechless! It’s like you want to this thing to go to zero ASAP! Do you? If that’s the case, you’re doing a fine job!

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