Race on the CoinPoker Leaderboard to Win a Share of 5 Million CHP

Race on the CoinPoker Leaderboard to Win a Share of 5 Million CHP

Mark the date — March 12th is when awesome things will begin at CoinPoker! If you wanted to win some cryptocurrency, you’re in luck.

We are launching a massive promotion for our most popular format — the cash games. This leaderboard race will give away 5,000,000 CHP!

We’re stoked to be giving away 5,000,000 CHP for the third month in a row, and we wanted to make this extra exciting for the cash game players. That’s why we’re launching this promotion that will have amazing leaderboard prizes for the most active players at the cash game tables!

As always, we wanted to make sure there was something for each player. So, whether you’re still learning, or if you’re a real pro, you’ll find something that’s going to be a right fit for you in our leaderboard race.

We are doing three limit tiers — low limit, medium limit, and high limit. The players participating in low limit cash game leaderboard will split a total of 1,000,000 CHP, medium limit players — 1,500,000 CHP, and the adrenaline seekers in high limit games — 2,5000,000 CHP.

Another important thing is that the CoinPoker room is RAKE FREE! That’s why your progress in these leaderboards will be measured by how active you are: the more hands you play, the better your chances to get on top.

Before you start playing, we invite you to please read the Terms & Conditions carefully and familiarize yourself with how this promotion works. We want you to be informed and have fun — and know exactly how to do well in the leaderboards!

Please note that we will review the most active players every day to ensure transparent and fair games. We are not about to tolerate anyone who gets in the way of our honest players!

Also, please be aware that one player can only participate in one limit (low, medium, or high) leaderboard of this promotion — so we’ll only count the limit in which you have the most hands played.

If you cash in pretty well in this promotion, you will want your account to be more secure. Also, it’s no fun playing against multi-accounters, and we want to limit such unfair play as much as we can. That’s why starting on Monday, we’re going to introduce a new security measure.

We’re talking about account verification via Civic — a blockchain project specializing in identity verification. Don’t worry though — you will only need to download their app, confirm your email and phone number, and this one-time procedure will be over. Here’s a simple guide for that.

Another exciting thing is that we’re also introducing peer to peer transfers on Monday! We know that a lot of you wanted this to be possible, and while at the start we’re setting a daily 300 CHP limit, we hope it will help you introduce your friends to CoinPoker.

Don’t forget — the Leaderboard Race starts on Monday! This is your chance to win some CHP if you haven’t yet, or to really grow your bankroll. Best of luck everyone, and see you at the tables.

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