Introducing Sit & Go (SnG) Tournaments on CoinPoker

Introducing Sit & Go (SnG) Tournaments on CoinPoker

Looking for something new? Starting today we will be launching Sit & Go tables, an exciting addition to our action-packed MTT schedule! But before we dive into the details, here’s a quick overview of how SnGs work compared to your typical MTT.

How to Play Sit & Go Tournaments

The main difference between a Texas Hold’Em, Pot-Limit Omaha, or Short Deck SnG and the standard version of the game is that instead of waiting for the tournament to start at a scheduled time, you only need to wait for a specified number of players to join the table.

Sit & Go tournaments start soon as enough players sit at the table, then it’s go time. The prize pools will depend on the number of players who join and the buy-in, which vary from low to high. All rules involving hand hierarchy, gameplay, and betting are otherwise unchanged.

SnG Tournaments on CoinPoker

Depending on your bankroll, you can enter a Moon, Venus, Saturn, or Jupiter SnG, which come with the following buy-ins and a set number of players:

  • Moon: 200 CHP Buy-In | 2, 6, 18, or 48 Players
  • Venus: 500 CHP Buy-In | 2, 6, or 18 Players
  • Saturn: 1,000 CHP Buy-In | 2, 6, or 18 Players
  • Jupiter: 2,500 CHP Buy-In | 2 or 6 Players

Open a CoinPoker account, choose hyper, turbo, or normal blind speeds for each tournament type. In addition to our paid Sit & Go tournaments, we will also host one Flyby Freebuy SnG with 1,000 CHP GTD and a set maximum of 96 players. For more details visit our lobby or, better yet, dive in and start playing.


10 thoughts on “Introducing Sit & Go (SnG) Tournaments on CoinPoker

  1. I think the SNGs are gone again and there were only 2 and 6 players SNGs.
    Any update on when all of the SNG buyins and field sizes come back?

    1. Hello,

      Unfortunately, they are temporarily down as our team is fixing some bugs. The plan is to resolve this as soon as possible and we’ll be updating the community as soon as the problem is solved!

    1. Hi,

      We hope to have them up and running again soon, our team is fixing some bugs and will relaunch once they are resolved.

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