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Texas holdem starting hands – Top 10 poker hands in Hold’em

After learning the basics of the game, next step is to understand the best starting hands

To play the game you need to know which texas holdem starting hands are the best to start the game with. We have thus far provided you with a beginner’s guide to playing Texas hold em along with an ultimate poker hand ranking guide where we listed the different possible 5-card poker hands you can have playing games such as Texas hold’em and Omaha. The end hand is just a part of the process as you also must decide if you are going to play the pot or not with what you have been dealt as hole cards or as a starting hand.

Premium starting hands

If we look at the different starting hands you can receive playing Texas hold’em, it will help you decide what your next action will be. Are you going to play the hand, call the bet, raise it up or fold? How the hand is played, well that’s something we will look at in the next Hold em guide, but for now, we will simply review the top 10 hold’em hands you can get.

Pocket Rockets – Pocket Aces – Bullets

The absolute best starting hand you can have playing hold em. They have many names and that’s to no surprise as it’s the one hand you always want to see no matter what position you have or what prior action you have seen in the hand.  The win rate for this hand is 85% versus a random hand.

Pocket Kings – The Cowboys

The second-best opening hand after pocket aces. A hand that surely will get you excited preflop. It can be very frustrating if you are called holding “The Cowboys” and an ace lands on the board. that often shuts down the action pretty quick. The win rate for this hand is 83% versus a random hand.

Pocket Queens – The Ladies

After The Cowboys, we then have The Ladies or pocket queens. This is the third-best starting hand you can get playing texas holdem. The win rate for this hand is 80% versus a random hand.

Pocket Jacks – Fishhooks

Pocket Jacks or Fish Hooks as they also are called is the fourth-best starting hand. Playing jacks you will have a win rate of 78% versus a random hand.

Ace-King Suited – Big Slick

Next, we have Big Slick, which is an ace and king in the same suit. This hand has a 67% win rate against any random hand. The win rate is lower than pocket 10s but it’s a hand that can flop really well which makes it a big favorite amongst poker players. You can hit both a flush or a straight but also win without hitting when up against hands such as AQ or AJ

Pocket Tens – Dimes – TNT

Pocket Tens or Dimes is the fifth-best starting hand in texas hold em. And by fifth, we are basing this on the win rate against any random hand, where tens have a 75% win rate.

Ace-King offsuit – Big Slick

Just as Big Slick, here you have an ace and a king but offsuit. The win rate for this hand is 65% against any random hand. Along with the suited AK, the offsuit is still a favorite hand amongst players.

Ace-Queen Suited – Big Chick

Ace-queen suited is another strong drawing hand. But as with any drawing hand, it can fall flat if it doesn’t hit the flop. Despite being a strong hand, you still have to be careful about pocket aces, kings or queens. Win rate for this hand is 66% against any random hand.

Pocket Nines

Another fairly strong hand is pocket nines but again if up against any premium pairs from AA to JJ, you are in bad shape. How nines are played all depends on position and action before you. Pocket nines win rate against any random hand is 71%.

Ace-Jack Suited – Blackjack

Ace-jack suited is a good starting hand but at the same time a hand that is often overplayed. Its also crushed against any premium pair along with AK and AQ. Ace-jack suited is at the bottom of premium drawing hands with a 65% win rate.

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