Rob Campbell Bike Ride

The Tony G Bike Ride becomes the Rob Campbell Bike Ride

With the announcement that WSOP Player of the Year 2019, Rob Campbell, joined forces with Team CoinPoker we also informed everyone that the Bike Ride, which previously saw Tony G as the bounty target, now will have Rob as the new bounty target.

Those of you who played in the Bike Ride previously and went up against Tony at the table, quickly learned that he was a tough opponent and things are now only going to get tougher. Taking on the WSOP Player of the Year 2019 won’t be an easy task but it will be a memorable one. How often do you get an opportunity to play against a player of this caliber?

Knock out Campbell for a 0.25 BTC bounty

Not that it wasn’t a well-deserved bounty previously, as it was, but there is just something extra with saying that you managed to knock Rob Campbell out of a tournament and then on top of that be rewarded for it with a 0.25 bitcoin bounty!

To play in the event just look up the Rob Campbell Bike Ride in the tournament lobby. The only thing that’s changed from the previous bounty events is the bounty target, everything else remains the same meaning a 0.25 BTC bounty and a 1 million CHP guaranteed prize pool.

The second major event on Sundays, NoMercy Shooting Star, continues to offer a 0.1 BTC bounty on Isabelle Mercier, aka NoMercy alongside the 250,000 CHP guaranteed prize pool.

Busy Sunday schedule

These two BTC bounty events are surrounded by a number of other attractive tournaments, making sure you have an action-filled day of poker.

The Bike Ride Series

Time (GMT) Tournament name GTD (CHP) Buy-in Game
03:30 UFO 1,000,00 100,000 NLHE
04:00 Bike Ride 0.25BTC 1,000,000 10,000 NLHE
04:30 Deep Space 750,000 25,000 PLO
05:00 Big Bang 1,000,000 50,000 NLHE

Shooting Star Series

Time (GMT) Tournament name GTD (CHP) Buy-in Game
17:30 UFO Mini 500,000 50,000 NLHE
18:00 NoMercy 0.1 BTC 250,000 5,000 NLHE
18:30 Deep Space Mini 300,000 10,000 PLO
19:00 Big Bang Mini 500,000 25,000 NLHE

Saturday Schedule continues

On top of this hectic tournament schedule on Sundays, we also offer a wide array of tournaments on Saturdays, from regular NLHE events to knock-out events and two major PLO tournaments.

Time (GMT) Tournament name GTD (CHP) Buy-in Game
03:30 Solar Flare 300,000 30,000 NLHE
04:00 Sirius 250,000 7,500 NLHE
04:30 Sputnik 250,000 7,500 PLO
05:00 Comet KO 150,000 10,000 NLHE
Time (GMT) Tournament name GTD (CHP) Buy-in Game
17:30 Solar Flare 300,000 30,000 NLHE
18:00 Sirius 250,000 7,500 NLHE
18:30 Sputnik 250,000 7,500 PLO
19:00 Comet KO 150,000 10,000 NLHE

This should more than satisfy and fulfill your poker needs during the weekend! All you need to do is open a CoinPoker account, verify your wallet and make a deposit and you are set, ready to take on Rob, Isabelle and all the other players at the tables.

Open a CoinPoker account

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