The ultimate Texas Holdem guide - Improving your game

The Ultimate Poker & Texas Holdem Guide – Improving your Poker Game

You ask and we deliver, here is the ultimate poker and texas holdem guide. Having learned the basics of the game you should now look to improving it. Take it to the next level if you are looking to become a profitable and successful player. It doesn’t matter if you prefer cash games or tournaments, you as a player always have the ability to learn and evolve. It’s all down to your willingness to improve, that will set you aside from other players.

Study the game

Saying you should study the game can mean two separate things. One where you study up on poker by reading books or watching training videos. Many of the foremost players in the different types of poker have contributed with some sort of educational tool which could help you in improving your game.

There are tons of sites out there that offer coaching and training videos. Its a matter of you setting aside time and dedication to improving your game.

The second is to review your own game by going through your hand history. You need to look at what you did wrong and avoid repeating the same mistakes over and over.

Texas holdem strategy

Going into the game you need to have a proper strategy in place. A clear path on how to act or react depending on the hand you are dealt. In addition to that, you also have to take into account what position you are in, how many players are in the game and what type of players they are.

Don’t be the early limper

Don’t be the first or early player that limps into the pot. Doing so not only removes any chance of winning preflop, you are also giving players behind the odds to call. You end up playing a multiway pot, reducing your chances to win.

Play your range, not only premium hands

By playing only your premium hands, you could just play your cards face up as the opponents most likely know what you most likely are holding and what kind of implied odds they are getting by calling.

Playing with a polarized range and raising with it preflop allows you to play a wider range in an aggressive manner and increase the profitability of your premium hands. Playing a range instead of certain types of hands makes it difficult for your opponent to put you on a hand. You then shift the pressure on them, making their decision a lot harder.

To raise preflop you need to take several factors into account. Was it folded to you? Did someone raise? What position you have at the table, just to mention a few.

Taking all these different factors into account helps you pick a suitable starting hand to open with and which hands you simply lay down.

Test your skills at the tables

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