New To the Moon Tournament Updates

New To the Moon Tournament Updates

Since launching our To the Moon Tournament Schedule, it’s been tweaked and tinkered with based on feedback from our community. In addition to these minor changes, we have made some additional big improvements in terms of game frequency, GTDs, and more effective on August 21st at 03:00 EEST.

In order to keep the CoinPoker community informed, we put together a summary of the key changes made. We hope that these updates result in a more exciting experience for players while addressing the comments from our community in recent weeks.

#1 Ante-Free PLO Tournaments

Acknowledging that this change is long overdue, we have adjusted all PLO tournaments to exclude antes from gameplay.

#2 Minimum Buy-In and Stakes Increased

In light of the current market value of CHP, the minimum buy-in for both cash games and tournaments will be increased. For tournaments, the minimum entry is 100 CHP, and for cash games, the minimum stakes have been upped to 1/2 CHP.

#3 Boosting the Number of Running Tourneys

In order to give players the possibility to multi-table their game of choice, we decided to pump the schedule up with more tournaments at all buy-in and GTD levels. The updated schedule will have each type of daily tournaments starting every 15 minutes, reducing the lengthy waits for preferred games.

Higher frequency is likely in turn results in fewer participants in tourneys, which is why the registration period will be shorter and for most tourneys, only 4 players will be needed to start. Moreover, GTD amounts will also be reduced along with the number of rebuy tourneys now that the schedule is more action-packed.

#4 Special Freerolls for Bigger Tourney Tickets

In addition to existing GTD freebuys, we will be adding special freerolls that reward winners with tickets to larger CoinPoker tourneys. We hope this will encourage new players to join in our higher stakes tourneys and boost traffic of buy-in tournaments.

#5 Adjusted Special Tournament GTDs

Changes will also be made to special tournament buy-ins and GTDs. Once again, the aim is to reflect current CHP value and keep the gaming experience and stakes in line with the originally set prize pools.

Deep Space: 40k GTD / 2.5k Buy-In (From 20K GTD / 1.5K Buy-In)
Hubble Bubble: 100k GTD / 5k Buy-In (From 40k GTD / 2k Buy-In)
PLO Friday: 40k GTD / 2.5k Buy-In (From 20k GTD / 1k Buy-In)
Nibiru Saturday: 200k GTD / 10k Buy-In (From 50k GTD / 2.5k Buy-In)
Andromeda Sunday: 500k GTD / 25k Buy-In (From 100k GTD / 5k Buy-In)

Our team hopes that these changes will have a positive impact on player experience. However, the changes are not set in stone, and we will closely monitor community feedback to make sure we don’t miss the mark.

For more details on the new To the Moon Tournament Schedule visit the CoinPoker lobby. Feedback and suggestions are more than welcome in the comments below and wish you the best of luck at the new and improved games.

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