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Tony G at Triton Poker Series part 7 – The entertainment continues

Allow us to present part 7 of Tony G at Triton Poker Series. We continue to follow Tony G and his experience at the Triton Series. Here you can find some of the highlights including hands played and the table banter between the players.

Keeps playing with a smile

Tony hasn’t recovered from the initial hits he took during previous episodes but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying the game and having fun. How will he fare in this episode, you’ll simply have to watch for yourself.

Make sure that you watch the previous episodes first, so you don’t miss any of the earlier action. This is what poker entertainment is all about, enjoying the game. Make sure you subscribe to our Youtube channel, so you don’t miss the next episode of Tony G at Triton Poker Series.

Due to the Coronavirus the first Triton Series event of the year, that was supposed to be held at Jeju in South Korea, was canceled. It’s still unclear when the event will be held.

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